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Every year after the Spring Festival, it is the peak season of Fuzhou home decoration market. Fuzhou decoration companies also try their best to promote and attract customers around the Spring Festival, and the price competition has gradually entered a white hot stage. Some insiders believe that the decoration market is not only in the stage of price competition, but also that service and quality have become powerful tools to win. Wu Xiaobo, a famous financial writer, believes that in the future, the trillion level industry of home decoration will be completely overturned. In fact, it is a process of consumption upgrading and supply side reform at the same time. The majority of middle-class families in China are no longer willing to spend more time decorating their houses piecemeal. In addition, everyone is willing to enjoy standardized products and services under the premise of high quality, so everyone will reach a consensus on the quality requirements. It is also under such market demand that the powerful Fuzhou decoration company has absolute confidence in its own construction and service quality, and took the lead in launching the service of paying after consumption, so that consumers can experience before paying. Decoration companies' advance payment measures are popular. First experience, then decoration, with high market recognition "During the Spring Festival, my family discussed the decoration after the festival. As soon as we had a holiday, we consulted several decoration companies and found that they basically had to pay first before decoration, either half of the payment before construction, or 60% of the construction cost in advance. Of course, this was the practice of almost all decoration companies in Fuzhou before. Buying a house before the festival has consumed our savings, so my friends recommended us the activity of 'experience before payment' for home decoration. I and My wife was also quite surprised when she heard it, and immediately went to the store to understand it. " Mr. Li bought a second-hand house before the new year and plans to decorate it in the near future. After communication, Mr. Li immediately made up his mind without hesitation. He believes that experience before payment, on the one hand, can alleviate the short-term economic pressure after buying a house, on the other hand, it can also provide corresponding protection for himself. In particular, the decoration of a home proposed to pay after being satisfied with the decoration, which made him feel that the decoration reduced a lot of risks. Coincidentally, what Miss Lin wants to decorate is her first new house. "For decoration, I have no experience. I saw the news before that some small decoration companies ran away with the money after receiving the decoration money from the owner. Now I am not confident when I decorate. I happened to see a home decoration publicity experience first and then pay. I came to know with a try mentality. After understanding it, I found it very consistent with my psychological needs, and I plan to make a decision today." "Over the past few days, more consumers have made decisions than we expected, reaching 300 people in two days. Consumers are very popular with this measure, and zero risk makes them feel more at ease." according to a relevant person from Youjia decoration business department, "experience before payment" is a major measure to improve the quality of Youjia decoration, which undoubtedly solves a major pain point in the decoration market and leaves the initiative of choice to consumers. If the project has construction quality problems and fails to pass the acceptance, no fee will be charged. In 2017, the home decoration market was highly competitive, and major brand decoration companies were guaranteed. The person in charge of many home decoration enterprises in Fuzhou told the author that the competition in the home decoration market in 2017 may be the most intense in recent years. Some insiders believe that greater incentives and less profits will probably be the fact that home decoration businesses need to face. At the same time, it is also recommended that consumers try to choose large decoration companies to protect their own interests. It is reported that the "experience before payment" activity launched by one decoration company is very different from the previous "decoration before payment", in which the decoration fee = design fee + management fee + engineering fee (labor fee and material fee). Youjia decoration dared to take the lead in the industry and creatively launched the initiative of "experience before payment". During the activity, the construction can be started only by paying the design fee + management fee until the embedding of concealed water and electricity works is completed, and the project payment can be paid after the acceptance of the embedding of water and electricity. It is estimated that the mainstream house type will spend 10000 yuan to do something about 50000 first, and then there will be no worries after decoration, opening the era of protective home decoration experience. The formation of traditional industry giants is undoubtedly through the price war. Youjia decoration, the leader of Fuzhou home decoration industry, is to achieve a high concentration of market share by constantly lowering profits and prices to earn the minimum profits of customers, and finally leave rivals behind. In a short period of three to five years, the enterprise has become the largest decoration company in the home decoration industry in China. It is reported that Fuzhou Youjia decoration now has more than 1200 employees. Its business involves the production of building materials and home furnishings, the stores of decorative materials, and the whole process service of home decoration design and construction, and extends the tentacle of the service to the treatment of Internet and indoor air pollution, realizing the real meaning of Internet home decoration and environmental protection decoration. The first experience and then payment mode launched by Youjia decoration has also become a major benchmark measure in the home decoration industry in Fuzhou





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