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In the first half of this year, since the Stanley home dealer exchange meeting was held in various places with the province as the unit, a large number of successful experiences were shared, and bursts of good news came from the Stanley home terminal market. Under such circumstances, Jiaxing market has organized a large-scale alliance of different industries and achieved excellent results

in June, Zhu Zong, a dealer of Stanley home in Jiaxing, took the initiative to contact l& Eight local building materials brands, such as D ceramics, Felix ceiling, Ouya wallpaper, fontabel kitchen, Hengjie sanitary ware, Moganshan floor, have formed a brand alliance and started early preparations in full swing. Although this is the first time that Jiaxing Stanley home has held such a large-scale promotional activity, the dealer Zhu Zong is full of confidence, and the whole team is full of passion. Their enthusiasm runs through the whole activity

on July 6, the layout of Stanley's home site in Jiaxing Boya Hotel, Huaguan, the laser anti-counterfeiting of Stanley's home cabinet, the on-site display of Stanley's home sliding door, hardware and pulley all reflect the century old brand's rigorous attitude towards quality control. When a volunteer weighing up to 200 Jin was invited to do a pull-up on Stanley's clothes pole on the stage, the atmosphere was warm. This experiential sales attracted many customers who didn't know much about Stanley's home originally. With the end of the quotation and demonstration, Stanley's booth was crowded by customers who signed the bill, and the cashier was busy, envious of other surrounding brands

thanks to God, Stanley home achieved the second highest number of on-site brand signings in the landing event on July 6




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