Tenor wind won four awards FBC Expo w3303 waiting

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Tainuofeng participated in the 2018 FBC China International Door and window curtain wall Expo with the latest products, and won four awards at the Expo

the 2018 FBC China International Door and window curtain wall Expo

has opened grandly.

on the first day of its launch, nearly 50000 spectators came to the global sample corner with the latest products in good faith.

let you know more than n national energy-saving standards

domestic sample corners divided by climate,

fully reflect the insulation solutions adapted to local conditions

professional market solutions,

more intuitive demonstration of product advantages

· · · · · · ·


Xiaobian will reveal here first

other wonderful parts. Wait for you to come to the scene and find out for yourself.

on the first day of the exhibition, the third Golden porch award ceremony held at the same time

is also a gathering of industry experts

tainuofeng is also lucky to participate in it.

Xi mentions four "little golden men"

in the days to come

we will still remember our original intention

bring the best service to our customers

finally, of course, we will announce the first lucky audience to win iphonexs



the first Koi of tainuofeng is you

wait for the tainuofeng staff to contact you

and take the prize home

today, Xiaobian is still at w3.303. I'll see you soon.

and two iphonexs

maybe you're the next Koi~




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