No trouble on May Day. Buy one set and get two fre

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Buy one set and get two sets free on May Day

send two sets in one step on May Day

activity time: April 29 - May 1

1. The special approval for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the well-known trademark lasts for three days

in view of the fact that most customers don't have enough time to buy building materials in April, Fulham won the first celebration of the fifth anniversary of the well-known trademark in the kitchen cabinet industry. With the special approval of the headquarters, it lasts for three days in XX area to the end of the May Day holiday

2. Don't toss about on May Day. Get it right in one step. Buy one set and get two free

during the May Day holiday, purchase a set of Fulham kitchen cabinet at a positive price

the tabletop part of the kitchen cabinet reaches 10000 instant electric set meals [FY09 smoke machine 3500 yuan + FM02 gas stove 2380 yuan + fx05 disinfection cabinet 2970 yuan =9050 yuan], reaching 15000 and then a set of water supply trough. (May Day activities and 4.21 activities are not enjoyed at the same time)

Fulham kitchenware, rising in Ningbo, China, the birthplace of Hemudu civilization in 7000, is adjacent to Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and Yaojiang canal, with unique regional advantages. As an industrial and trading enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of kitchen cabinets, the company has always praised the kitchen cabinet industry with its expert image of high-grade kitchen design and manufacturing since its establishment in October 2002

in recent years, freim has been tirelessly committed to the improvement of professional quality. In November, 2003, with the emergence of Shanghai Fulham kitchen industry development Co., Ltd., the company's business direction expanded from professional kitchen design and overall kitchen utensils solutions for private customers to providing overall kitchen image design and model room production for refined decoration of noble properties and developers, thus establishing a more professional corporate image among customers





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