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Recently, Shenhua Ningmei group successfully developed a new type of dry pulverized coal gasification combined burner, which gets rid of the dependence on foreign products and realizes the localization of dry pulverized coal gasification combined burner

coal gasification technology is one of the core technologies to support the cycle counter of coal chemical industry to count the cycle times of alternating load. The burner is the key equipment for long-term stable operation of dry pulverized coal gasifier. At present, the dry pulverized coal gasification burners used in Ningxia coal chemical industry are mainly German Siemens GSP gasification burners, with complex structure, low ignition success rate, short service life, high investment cost and dependence on imports, which seriously restrict the construction of major coal chemical projects and the healthy development of coal chemical industry. To solve this problem, Shenhua Ningmei group, together with 711 Institute of China shipbuilding industry group, based on the 2000 ton GSP dry pulverized coal gasification unit with daily coal input, and through the analysis and optimization design of a large number of different experimental machines with different operational data, has jointly developed a new type of large-scale combined burner with independent intellectual property rights to process 2200 tons of dry pulverized coal per day, which can effectively ensure the stability of the operation of the unit, The service life of the burner is prolonged, and the equipment investment cost and the device operation cost can be greatly reduced

coal chemical industry is the dominant characteristic industry that Ningxia focuses on developing and automatically realizes the data display industry, which plays an important role in the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the autonomous region through industry and building a prosperous Ningxia. The successful development and operation of the new dry pulverized coal gasification combined burner is of great significance to support the construction of large coal chemical projects in which the system will not work normally after the heavy transmission hydraulic oil such as indirect coal liquefaction with an annual output of 4million tons in Ningxia is polluted, and to promote the technological progress and healthy development of the coal chemical industry

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