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International market requirements for commodity packaging

among the many factors of commodity competition in today's international market, commodity quality, price and packaging design are the three main factors. A foreign expert who studies marketing said: "in the road to the market, packaging design is the most important. Packaging plays no less important role in the overall image of commodities than advertising." The general requirements of the international market for commodity packaging are: first, to meet the standards, and second, to attract customers. Specific requirements include the following polyurethane series brand products, which touch on several aspects of 166 utilization fields

(1) the product name on the package shall be easy to understand and remember. "Coca Cola" is a successful example. Although "Nestel" coffee is well-known all over the world, when it was sold in Germany, it was renamed "Banke" in order to make it easy for Germans to accept. The written instructions on the package shall also be in the language of the country of sale, so that customers do not understand them. At the same time, relevant laws and regulations of relevant countries shall be observed

(2) the appearance should be eye-catching so that consumers can know the characteristics of the product from the appearance. For example, the bottle shapes of five different perfume in France are also different

(3) the printing and concise packaging should be attractive, so that customers can notice its high-end luxury goods. The packaging and printing should adapt to the grade of the goods themselves. For example, famous cosmetics in France have exquisite packaging and printing. The product description must be easy for customers to understand and use

(4) reflect the reputation packaging should fully reflect the reputation of the product, so that consumers can increase their trust in the product through packaging. For example, the famous brandy in France, please re tension the "Blue Ribbon" of the wine. Since it came into the market in 1912, the packaging has never been changed because old customers are familiar with it and trust it

(5) the color shall be pleasing to the eye. The packaging color shall conform to the aesthetic habits of relevant countries. For example, Europeans generally like red and yellow, but Spaniards do not like the mixed use of red and yellow. Most of the high-end commodities sold in supermarkets use elegant or natural popular colors

(6) it is better to have the product origin mark or pattern on the package with regional mark to make it easy for people to identify. Most of the milk and cheese produced by Ruyi Dali are printed with Italian dairy farm scenery on the package, which makes people know that they are products from Italy

(7) environmental protection awareness nowadays, the international community generally attaches importance to environmental protection, and there are many new regulations on packaging materials. Therefore, it is better to choose non polluting materials as packaging materials. The general trend is to gradually replace plastic and plastic materials with paper and glass

(8) the international popular commodity packaging always strives to be novel, unique and full of modern consciousness

(9) for the packaging of dignified goods, red, blue and white should be adopted. Red, blue and white are the colors that make up the American flag. Therefore, Americans have a special liking for red, blue and white. If these three colors are used in the packaging of solemn goods, they will be welcomed by Americans

(10) for goods with strong seasonality, the packaging color should consider the living habits of Americans. In the United States, there are 12 months in a year, and each month has a seasonal color. Generally: January grey, February navy blue, March silver, April yellow, may lavender, June pink, July azure, August dark green, September golden yellow, October brown, November purple, December red, which season the goods belong to, the packaging should adopt the appropriate color to facilitate the sales of the goods

(11) a fixed representative color shall be selected for the packaging color of various foods. At present, for the packaging of various foods in the United States, the research group has used a unique protein self-assembly structure - amyloid nanofilaments to synthesize a two-dimensional single crystal gold pin with a side length of nearly half a millimeter, which has basically formed a fixed representative color. For example, the packaging color of eggs is white; The packaging of fruit is pure yellow or orange; The packaging color of coffee, cocoa, tomato juice, soup, etc. is red

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