Most of the hottest t0com rubber futures closed hi

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T0com rubber futures mostly closed higher, and the market trading was quiet

according to the news in Tokyo on May 14, the upstream market of TOCOM rubber futures week industrial chain will also usher in a high-profile development period. Most of them closed slightly, and some steel plates even only half a sheet. The transaction was light, and the market lacked clear fundamental guidance. Traders said that market trading activities were mixed, with short covering at the beginning of the session, which was boosted by the rebound at the end of Friday, and the expectation that "the current rally is expected to dry up" triggered fund selling; Technical charts are also weak. Traders pointed out that after the recent overwintering season in Thailand and Malaysia, the expected rebound in production may also dampen sentiment in the coming weeks. The benchmark October RSS3 contract closed up 0.5 yen to 275.1 yen per kilogram

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