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Pengxiangyun, general manager of the casting and rolling business department of diesel generator project, introduced the quotation of the motor unit 17kw

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the quotation of 17kw diesel generator set is carefully designed by introducing the technology of foreign low-noise generators and engines; the design concept is advanced and the variety is complete. In addition to the functions of series diesel generator sets and diesel generator sets, the products also have the following characteristics:

1. The noise standard is suitable for iso374.

2. The interior adopts public silencing materials, and the built-in silencer makes the layout compact. Excellent ventilation and radiation protection Layout

3 special handling box, fully adapted to all-weather use

4. The reasonable position of the box is provided with an observation window to facilitate observation and operation

5 specially set shock absorber makes the unit operate in a warm war

6 large capacity base oil tank saves devices and connections 1 Software structure and function program

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd. brand - Danian yeze power

[company address]: No. 188, Jinbao Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

[sales manager]: Zhu Ming

[contact law style]:


[contact email]: [email protected]

[enterprise Q]:

[business style]: on-site business of purchase and sales treaty payment treasure business

[business]business form] : transfer, pay treasure, cash, check, swipe card

[about the product, it is strictly forbidden to process the diameter, number and mechanical speed of reinforcement beyond the mechanical rules]: including 17% of value-added tax, excluding freight, and * * * 24-hour delivery

[main business of the company]: gasoline generators, digital frequency conversion silent generators, diesel engines have made beneficial explorations in the cluster development mode. Generators, self-priming pumps, power generation electric welding machines, liquefied gas generators, etc.

20 (summer) sae30 # 10 c~20 C (spring and autumn) sae20 #

- 5 ~ 20 C (winter) sae10w30 -20~30 C (severe winter) sae5w20

four cylinder, tow stroke, water cooling

four stroke, and double cylinder, water-cooled, V-shaped Vortex type

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