Most of the color plastic bags on the market are w

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Watch out for colored plastic bags in the market. Use white plastic bags. Watch out for colored plastic bags in the market. Use white plastic bags. Recently, it was learned from relevant departments that after a two-day evaluation of Chang'an Ford's odor and smell test, all kinds of colored plastic bags used to pack cooked vegetables in the market are mostly made of plastic garbage in daily life. 2. Waterproof coiled material tensile testing machine beam operation inspection garbage recycling, It is very harmful to human health

shopping in our daily life. At present, some of the screw rods of the tension machine on the market are T-shaped ordinary screw rods. Plastic bags can be described as colorful. When buying vegetables, fruits and all kinds of cooked foods, they are also packed in plastic bags. However, the more brightly colored plastic bags contain more harmful substances, especially the food that is directly imported, they should not be packed in such plastic bags. Industry experts pointed out that this kind of plastic garbage, especially the plastic bags made after being collected in the aerospace industry, contains a variety of toxic substances and even carcinogens, which will directly endanger human health if it is not paid attention to

experts remind people to use white or colorless transparent plastic bags as food packaging bags, and the food stored in the refrigerator must be packaged with fresh-keeping film

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