Most of the hottest painted chopsticks contain tox

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Paint chopsticks mostly contain toxic ingredients and cannot be used

paint chopsticks mostly contain toxic ingredients and cannot be used

June 21, 2006

according to China Quality News, at the end of last month, Shanxi quality supervision department supervised and inspected the tableware sold in supermarkets and wholesale markets during the "1035" period. After inspection, it is found that most painted chopsticks contain toxic chemical components. When loaded, when the calculation formula of paint removal unit is%) falls with the food into the stomach, harmful substances such as lead and chromium will accumulate in the human body, which is likely to cause chronic poisoning

for various reasons, it can't meet the national requirements and the detection of the geological Supervision Bureau

undoubtedly, poisonous tableware is equal to "terrorists" on the table. Chopsticks are a must for three meals a day, and they are related to the "import" event. You can't be careful. People in the health sector suggest that it is best to use natural wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks in both restaurants and families. In addition, chopsticks at home are easy to breed bacteria after being used for a long time. It is best to replace them every six months

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