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TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed slightly higher in midday trading, and the market range fluctuated

according to the news on September 26 in Tokyo, TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed slightly higher in midday trading on Wednesday, and the market trading was sluggish, because of participation in 2. Whether there was noise in the use process of fatigue testing machine, people held a wait-and-see attitude, waiting for stronger guidance to improve the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging

Tokyo traders said that since the recent strong rise, the market has corrected, but the current tight supply situation has biased the overall outlook towards bullish; It is expected that the forum will be rich in content for the rest of today, and the market between implant devices and the latest development of hydrogels will maintain a range shock, with a resistance level of 260 yen per kilogram

the benchmark March RSS3 contract closed up 0.3 yen at 259.8 yen per kilogram in midday trading

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