Most of the hottest CCTV express bags contain harm

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CCTV: most of the express packaging bags contain harmful substances

today, CCTV channel reported on the problem of residual harmful substances in express packaging bags. It is understood that at present, China has no clear standards for the strength, material and other issues of express packaging products, and express packaging is mostly reprocessed from domestic waste, chemical materials and so on

Ms. Li in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, receives five or six express packages almost every week because she loves shopping. A few days ago, when she opened the express package as usual by replacing the clip, something unexpected happened

there was no problem when it was first disassembled, but after a while, small red pimples began to grow on his hands. He went to the hospital for an examination and said that he was allergic. It took several days to take the medicine. Ms. Li said in an interview

CCTV reminded that when unpacking, try to use knives, China SECCO ethylene production plant has been stopped on March 10 for inspection scissors and other tools to avoid skin contact, and wash hands immediately after unpacking

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