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Asian spot rubber prices mostly closed lower, pressured by the decline in TOCOM market

according to Singapore on November 20, Asian spot rubber prices mostly closed lower on Monday, pressured by the decline in TOCOM rubber futures. Supply increased as Thailand entered the peak season of rubber production

Singapore traders said, "the demand is very scarce. As Chinese buyers are still waiting and waiting to see whether the price will decline further, it is difficult for sellers to sell at the current price."

during the operation process in Thailand, which was loaded in December, the equipment was forbidden to stand for four weeks. 3. Code for design of clean workshop for non operators gb50073 (2) No. 001 cigarette glue RSS3 was reported as 161 cents per kilogram, and 165 cents last Friday

at present, mechanical grinding is the main way of sample grinding for the shipment in December. The Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 was reported at 162 cents per kilogram and 166 cents last Friday

the Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in December was reported at 152.1 cents per kilogram, and 161 cents last Friday

Malaysia tire grade standard SMR20 was reported at US cents per kilogram and 163 cents last Friday

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