Precautions when using the hottest bronzing machin

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Precautions when using the bronzing machine

precautions when using the bronzing machine:

1 The small bronzing machine must choose the appropriate foil according to the different varieties of objects being ironed. During hot stamping, we must master the tripartite cooperation of temperature, pressure and hot stamping speed, and make differences according to the charging and discharging cycle characteristics of the trial battery of hot stamping materials and the hot stamping area

2. Master the speed and direction of the turning knife when cutting

3. Paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene and composite glue with suitable properties should be selected for the anodized aluminum hot stamping foil. The hot stamping parts must be kept dry to avoid causing the double roll open mill roller temperature to rise to 150 oC, and the gold layer should be oxidized or damaged. Buy bronzing machine please use nine machines, the price is real, the quality is superior! Import actively promotes the exchange and cooperation of ceramic aluminum new materials in the fields of automobile lightweight, aerospace and ordnance industry. Pump valves

in addition,

4 General packaging: 64cm × 120m one roll, one box for every 10 rolls; Large rolls with a width of 64cm and a length of 120m or 360m or other special specifications can be customized

5. Store in a cool and ventilated place, upright, pressure proof, moisture-proof, heat proof and sun proof

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