Precautions when using the hottest breaker

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Precautions when using the blaster

blaster power supply

please pay attention to the following matters regarding the power supply of this equipment

※ 220V grounding is adopted for power distribution

※ be sure to be grounded (protective grounding)

※ for power supply and power engineering, please 2. Due to the high frequency of use of the jaws of the hydraulic universal testing machine, consult with electrical engineers or people with the same knowledge

blaster power cord

please be sure to use the power cord provided with the equipment. Please contact our company if you find any abnormality in the power cord and power plug. Change or instruct the service personnel of our company

blaster fuse

in order to prevent fire and internal circuit damage, please do not use fuses other than those specified. When replacing the fuse, please use the fuse with the same model and shape as the original equipment

blaster warranty

◎ Haida urges us and the company to make corrections and adjustments in all aspects and constantly improve ourselves. Yihuafeng spandex is not sure of the completion time of each stage of the project. Service content:

1 Provide guidance, technical support and written or on-site training for the operation and use of users' products

2. For the products with faults, assist the user in troubleshooting, or return to the factory for maintenance, or visit the site for maintenance. And adopt signal transmission pressure. When the sample breaks, it will stop automatically and save the maximum breaking strength value The instrument is easy to operate and has high test accuracy. The experimental results are printed out by a micro printer

3 From time to time, carry out on-site follow-up visits and technical guidance on the use of users' products

4. Provide the download of product use and troubleshooting guidance materials on Haida instrument station

◎ calculation of service fee:

1 For the maintenance caused by product quality problems during the warranty period, Haida instrument will bear the costs caused by product maintenance, technical support, instrument round-trip transportation, personnel door-to-door and replacement. The mode of product transportation and the means of personnel door-to-door are determined by Haida instrument

2. For the maintenance of products outside the warranty period, Haida instrument is exempted from the maintenance fee, and the replacement cost is charged when replacing parts. When returning to the factory for maintenance, Haida instrument will bear the round-trip transportation cost. The transportation mode is determined by Haida instrument, and the user will bear the expenses of personnel on-site during on-site service

3. During the warranty period, when the parts are repaired and dispatched, the cost shall be borne by Haida instrument, and the mode of transportation shall be determined by Haida instrument

4. In case of on-site return visit and free training, all expenses shall be borne by Haida instrument; When the product training is not free training, the expenses of on-site training shall be borne by the user

5. For products not sold by Haida instruments, Haida instruments can provide corresponding services and support when users cannot obtain the support of the manufacturer, and all expenses in the service process are borne by users

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