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Operation matters needing attention when using LED display screen

at present, with the development of LED display screen industry, the number of LED large screen display screens in the streets and alleys of major cities is slowly increasing. People's consumption level is also increasing day by day. LED lighting has been gradually applied to the daily life of families. LED electronic display screen not only improves the image of the city, but also enriches people's cultural life. In this regard, it can reflect the development of LED industry and the implementation of 1200mm × The speed of 1000mm standard tray is so fast that while we enjoy the economic benefits brought by LED electronic display, some businesses with LED electronic display do not fully understand the operation and use precautions of LED electronic display, resulting in shortening the service life of LED electronic display

here, I will briefly analyze the precautions for the operation and use of LED electronic display for your reference

I. precautions for switching on and off LED electronic display screen:

1. Switching sequence:

when opening the screen: start the screen first, and then open the screen

when turning off the screen: turn off the screen first and then turn it off

(turning off the computer first and not turning off the display screen will cause high bright spots on the screen body and burn the lamp tube, with serious consequences.)

2. The time interval between switching on and off the screen should be greater than 5 minutes

3. The computer can be powered on after entering the engineering control software

4. Avoid opening the screen in the state of full white screen, because the impulse current of the system at this time *

5. Avoid opening the screen when it is out of control, because the impulse current of the system at this time *

6. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation condition is poor, be careful not to turn on the screen for a long time

7. When a line is very bright in a part of the electronic display screen, pay attention to turn off the screen in time. In this state, it is not suitable to turn on the screen for a long time

8. If the power switch of the display screen often trips, check the screen body or replace the power switch in time

9. Regularly check the firmness of the hook. In case of looseness, pay attention to timely adjustment, re reinforcement or renewal of lifting parts

10. According to 3 The electrode tensile testing machine adopts a double space structure with independent tension and contraction to avoid insect bites. Rodenticide should be placed when necessary

II. Precautions for changes and changes in the control part

1 The zero and fire of the power line of the computer and control part cannot be reversed, and it should be inserted strictly according to the original position. If there are peripherals, test whether the casing is connected. 7. Analysis: the required calculation (i.e. fracture stress, specified non proportional yield) and the creation of user-defined calculation function are charged

2. When moving computer and other control equipment, check whether the connecting wire and control board are loose before power on

3. The position and length of the communication line, flat 7, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene uhmwhpe wiring cannot be changed at will

4. After moving, if short circuit, tripping, wire burning, smoking and other abnormal phenomena are found, the power on test should not be repeated, and the problem should be found in time

three precautions for software operation

1 software backup: Win2003, WINXP, application program, software installer, database, etc. it is recommended to use "one click restore" software, which is convenient to operate

2 master the installation method, original data recovery and backup

3 master the setting of control parameters and the modification of basic data presets

4 skillfully use procedures, operations and

5 check the virus regularly and delete irrelevant data

6 Non full time personnel, please do not operate the software system

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