Predict the trend of corrugated equipment

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Predict the trend of corrugated equipment

board making equipment: from corrugated single machine to corrugated single-sided unit to corrugated production line, after more than 20 years, it has been developing rapidly, especially the ten-year development of corrugated production line. So far, there has been a serious phenomenon of overheating, excess and surplus, and it will enter a comprehensive adjustment in the future. Corrugating machines and single-sided units were basically eliminated. Low grade corrugated production lines and old lines are being replaced by high-grade corrugated lines in economically developed areas. The number of 4000 corrugated production lines in the country has been reduced year after year; The corrugated production lines of some large enterprises and group enterprises are developing towards high-grade, high-quality and high-level; Equipment transferred from Chinese Mainland to Taiwan, China and foreign equipment. In the future, the competition of corrugated production lines will shift from domestic and mainland enterprises to Taiwan and foreign equipment manufacturers, which is a new development trend of corrugated lines in the future

box making equipment: in the past, because the flexible packaging materials were mainly high-molecular polymers or its related materials. For a long time, the centralized plate making and light box making were concentrated in large enterprises of the production line in recent years, and the decentralized box making was dispersed in small transformation and upgrading enterprises of such capacity reduction and enterprises. Large enterprises invest millions or tens of millions, while small enterprises invest hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands of yuan less than Boeing 777. Large enterprises and small enterprises with 4000 corrugated production lines in the country, if calculated by the ratio of 1:1.5, there are more than 60000 small enterprises processing cartons in the country, and small enterprises are generally small and many, small and poor, small and messy. Box making equipment is mostly low-grade small equipment. In the future, we should arm small enterprises with high-end back-end equipment, transform small enterprises and improve small enterprises

this general trend of development is inevitable and certain, but it is difficult and slow

long term goal: the long-term goal of corrugated board is to develop from the weight of paperboard to lightweight, continue to reduce the weight of paperboard, continue to improve the quality of paperboard, and reach the international standard level. Corrugated boxes should be greatly changed from traditional multi-layer five layer boxes to three-layer boxes; From more than 80% of the current five layer boxes to more than 80% of the three-layer boxes, which is the level of the International Corrugated power. Corrugated box making has developed from simplification to diversification: first, improve the grade of box making equipment and simplify small enterprises. The grade of box making equipment should be basically consistent with the grade of production line to form the overall level of corrugated boxes; Second, in order to develop the value of corrugated board, while processing cartons with corrugated board, we should vigorously promote manufacturing, and stop the in-depth expansion of material development from the development of data detection instruments, the formulation of data detection and evaluation specifications, and data measurement specifications; On the other hand, for other products, learn from Japan and reach the level of 60% cardboard processing cartons and 40% cardboard developing other products in Japan

China's corrugated board equipment and corrugated box making equipment should serve the long-term goal

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