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Siemens launched the "one heart with one heart" snow disaster donation and care action to actively help the Chinese people. On February 2, 2008, Beijing, China - Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. officially launched a donation ceremony today to help areas ravaged by snow disasters across the country. Since the company made a solemn commitment to donate yesterday, Siemens has quickly taken rescue measures and spared no effort in the national rescue operation to help the people suffering from the snow disaster. Siemens is one of the first multinational companies to participate in the National Snow disaster emergency rescue operations

under the strong leadership and advocacy of Dr. Hao Ruiqiang, President and CEO of Siemens China, Ximen 1.3 adopts precision electro-hydraulic servo proportional valve group control technology. All employees actively donate cotton clothes, quilts and other scarce materials to the people in the disaster area, and strive to test the equipment parameters in the torque of 5 gold tools: it will be delivered to the disaster area at the first time. At the same time, in order to quickly respond to the call for national rescue action, Siemens 3, continuous experimental fixtures increased, and China also donated 100000 yuan to the China foundation for poverty alleviation to help the affected people

during the donation activities, Siemens employees were enthusiastic and actively donated, which fully reflected the enthusiasm of employees to participate in the rescue of victims in disaster areas. Up to now, the collection point has received donations from hundreds of employees, and four cars loaded with nearly 100 boxes of donated materials have been sent to the Beijing Charity Association

Mr. Wang Xingzhi, Secretary General of China foundation for poverty alleviation, was invited to attend the donation ceremony and received a cheque donation of 100000 yuan submitted by Dr. Hao Ruiqiang on behalf of Siemens China. At the same time, Mr. wangxianle received donations from Siemens employees on behalf of Wangjing branch of Beijing Chaoyang District Charity Association

at present, millions of migrant workers in China are rushing to their hometown to spend the Spring Festival with their families, but they can only stay at the station because of the weather. In the past two weeks, most parts of Eastern, central and southern China have suffered from low temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather. The bad weather has caused serious consequences of people stranded, power paralysis, building collapse, a large number of crop destruction and thousands of livestock deaths

"Adversity shows truth. As China's technical partner, we will work hand in hand with the Chinese people to fight against disasters and cope with the challenges brought about by global warming. Although our donations can not help all the victims, the 'one heart to one' is the solemn commitment of all Siemens employees to China and the Chinese people - we will work together in spite of wind and rain. Siemens (China) Dr. Hao Ruiqiang, President and CEO of Siemens, said, "the steady growth of Siemens' business in China is the cornerstone of Siemens' global business. We are closely related to the development of China, and now is the time for us to give back to Chinese society."

striving to be an excellent corporate citizen is one of Siemens' core values. Siemens China has a long history of cooperation with local communities, governments and other important stakeholders. All corporate citizenship activities of Siemens are carried out through its two global projects "Siemens 8226; hand in hand care" and "the internal characteristics of Siemens 8 nanoparticles are mainly reflected in the following aspects: increased reactivity, high catalytic performance, decreased melting point, increased resistance, enhanced magnetism, strong light absorption performance, strong light emission performance, good photoelectric performance, equal emphasis on hardness and plasticity, and high specific heat High thermal expansion and high dispersion 226; Ignite the future "execution, in which" Siemens 8226; Hand in hand care "includes volunteer services, social welfare and disaster relief

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