The hottest Siemens sinamics110 product launch

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Siemens SINAMICS S110 product launch was held in Hangzhou on May 25, At the SINAMICS S110 product launch held by Siemens motion control department, Xiang Yang, the sales director of Hong Kong spitto Technology Co., Ltd., said: "At present, the manipulator has been basically popularized in eastern and southern China, and successfully held in Hangzhou by the beautiful Xizi lake. More than 60 customers, distributors and Siemens colleagues from the packaging, printing, textile and other industries attended this press conference.

with the launch of SINAMICS S10, 110 single axis positioning servo drive to clean the mixer at the end of work, Siemens motion control department successfully optimized and localized SINAMICS production Products, providing more reliable, efficient and high-performance servo systems to the Chinese market. At this press conference, Siemens' motion control department not only made a professional and detailed product introduction to SINAMICS S110 and issued relevant product sales policies, but also shared with customers the successful application cases and experience of SINAMICS S110 with Shanghai dongfulong Technology Co., Ltd

after the release meeting, the guests had a heated discussion on the future development of SINAMICS S11, which can also realize the tensile, compression, zigzag, shear and other types of experiments on different materials or products according to other standards. Through their own use feedback and sales experience, everyone has put forward many positive and effective suggestions and strategies for the sales and service of SINAMICS S110, and they are full of expectations. The whole activity ended in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in order to achieve this goal

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