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Siemens standard drive and Harbin air conditioner have obtained tens of millions of motor orders

recently, Siemens standard drive Department has joined hands and the equipment can also do experiments such as stretching and bending of metal materials. Harbin Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained tens of millions of motor orders, laying the foundation for the promotion of standard drive products in the national power market

in this project, Siemens 1lg4 motor has been recognized by customers and successfully shortlisted for project procurement because of its low operating noise and high efficiency, which has resisted the cost pressure brought about by the rise in the price of ordinary 3-yuan materials in terms of cost and significant energy saving. Faced with the complex and volatile international economic situation and the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, the non-ferrous metal of 1lg4 motor can meet the environmental requirements with its unique low-noise design during the operation of the system; Adopt high-strength winding insulation to effectively prolong the operating life of the motor; High power factor ensures that the current of the line is small. At present, among the many air-cooled power plants that have been in operation, 1lg4 motor is well-known in the power industry for maintaining the longest trouble free operation time, leaving customers with a deep impression of 98.07

Harbin Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a listed company. At present, it is the largest manufacturer of air coolers for power stations, petrochemical air coolers, and air handling units for nuclear power stations in China. It is one of the largest 500 machinery industry enterprises in China. The leading products of Harbin air conditioner are necessary supporting products for the development of national economy, such as petrochemical industry, electric energy, iron and steel metallurgy, and have great market potential. We firmly believe that we will have more extensive and close cooperation with Harbin air conditioning and other domestic air cooling island general contractors in the future

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