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The continuous growth of China's demand for petrochemicals and chemicals has promoted the rise, construction and development of local chemical 2205 industrial parks. According to Chinese phenolic resin experts, since 1995, China's provinces and cities have set off an upsurge of building chemical parks. After 2000, this upsurge has further heated up. Through 10 years of development, there are more than 60 Chemical Parks under construction in China. As of August, 2004, dozens of chemical parks of various types (oil refining and petrochemical, chemical and fine chemical) have sprung up all over the country. China's chemical parks have become a hot spot for foreign investment and China's economic growth, and their development situation is gratifying. The overall level of China's chemical industry is far behind that of developed countries, especially the structural contradictions are very prominent, and the proportion of fine chemical products with high-tech content and high added value is low. In addition, environmental pollution is also a thorny problem faced by the chemical industry. Relying on its own advantages, chemical industry parks can solve these bottleneck problems that restrict the sustainable development of the industry. Their good investment environment and professional supporting facilities have attracted a large number of enterprises at home and abroad. Most of the introduced technologies and projects are deep-processing and fine chemical products with high technical content or high added value. According to the adjustment of industrial layout, each chemical industry park has built a unified "three wastes" treatment facility, so that the comprehensive treatment of environmental protection can be implemented, and the industry has achieved sustainable development. A common sign of the success of some domestic first-class chemical parks is to pay attention to the positioning of characteristics, complete supporting facilities, highlight the core competitiveness of chemical parks, increase the attraction to specific domestic and foreign manufacturers, and avoid low-level repeated construction. For example, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park has superior location and convenient transportation. Effective management and the support of local governments are very attractive to investors. BASF, Bayer and BP have all settled in the region. Nanjing Chemical Industry Park is adjacent to Yizheng Chemical fiber in the East and Yangzi Petrochemical in the West. Its strong industrial foundation provides a platform for Nanjing Chemical Industry Park to take off. Relying on the resource advantages of upstream products such as ethylene and acetic acid in the park, the park actively extends supporting products to middle and downstream products through grafting with international capital, and focuses on the development of petrochemical extension products and high value-added products such as pharmaceutical chemicals, new materials, fine chemicals, etc, Make the chemical industry in Nanjing realize the transformation from the original heavy chemical industry to high-tech and high value-added chemical industry

however, at present, many development parks do not consider regional advantages, technology, talents and other factors at all. They only focus on the market and start whatever projects make money. This short-sighted behavior of blindly pursuing short-term profits has directly led to the low-level repeated construction of many economic parks. There is no interdependent industrial chain, and there is no complementary advantages. It cannot form a scale at all, nor can it talk about economies of scale, but encourages vicious competition among the same industries. According to Chinese phenolic resin experts, in view of the development and problems of China's chemical industry parks, guzongqin, President of the petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, put forward the following suggestions: 1. Pay attention to the rational layout. There is no doubt that the construction of chemical industry parks has a significant role and significance for the development of local economy, but some problems have also been exposed. What is more serious is that there are too many chemical industrial parks, among which the top four American companies and Smith nephew company of Britain account for 90% of the artificial joint market; 6 large companies: Johnson Johnson secret. Some chemical industrial parks are too close to each other. Dozens of kilometers away, there are several chemical industrial parks set up with wire winding devices, wire storage tension adjustment institutions, and they compete with each other, which has the potential to herd together. Therefore, There are also questions about the rational layout of the construction of chemical industry parks "1. The layout of chemical industry parks should be combined with the structural adjustment of China's chemical products, investment attraction, local resources and markets, urban planning and enterprise relocation. 2. There should be a scientific development plan. The formation of a chemical industry park generally takes years, some even longer, so the park construction must have a master plan. The park planning should reflect integration Development concept. First, the integration of products and projects, that is, the use of upstream and downstream characteristics of chemical products to form a chemical project chain; The second is the integration of public auxiliary, forming a public engineering "island" integrating water supply, power supply, heat supply and gas supply; The third is the integration of logistics and transmission, that is, through the special transmission pipes and warehouses, wharves, railways and roads connected with various chemical reaction devices; Fourth, the integration of environmental protection, the establishment of environmental protection center in the park; Fifth, management service integration. 3. We should highlight our characteristics. 4. Construction should be carried out according to our ability. 5. Investment attraction should give consideration to both domestic and foreign investment. 6. Create a good investment environment. 7. The parks should pay attention to mutual cooperation. 8. The last item needs to be filtered

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