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Siemens appeared in the first international safety production and safety monitoring technology and equipment exhibition

on November 20, 2007, Siemens participated in the first company's deeds in the second half of this year hosted by the Institute of integrated technology and economics of machinery industry instruments and meters, and will continue to present to the last international safety production and safety monitoring technology and equipment exhibition. The exhibition was held in Beijing International Exhibition Center for three days

this exhibition is one of the most professional exhibitions in the field of security technology and equipment in China. With a large exhibition stand covering an area of 115 square meters, Siemens fully and accurately demonstrated our protection of people, environment and property to visitors through customized products and demonstration equipment for the security field, and provided professional products and solutions. This exhibition focuses on safety integration - Intelligent seamless integration of safety technology, mainly focusing on two aspects: factory automation and safety integration in process automation. Siemens' participation in the exhibition once again reflects its concept of people-oriented and focusing on final safety production. The visiting audience group is more professional, including domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the industry, as well as peers who are jointly committed to the security leadership and transposition thinking field

Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., process safety of automation and drive group. Jiang Ronghuai, the system product manager, explained and promoted the topic of SIMATIC PCS7 FH realizing the safety life cycle of process industry in detail at the exhibition. SIMATIC PCS 7 is more than a distributed control system. It can exceed the limits of current process control systems in many ways. Through the exhibition, the visitors had a deeper and more specific understanding of SIMATIC PCS 7

the theme of this exhibition is to ensure production safety by using safety technology, equipment and solutions based on relevant laws, regulations and standards. Its goal is to consolidate people's understanding of safe production, promote the application of high-tech knowledge, and make China's localized product machine system better in line with international standards

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