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Siemens was invited to attend the annual conference of industry university research cooperation education of East China University of science and technology

on January 15, 2008, Siemens was invited to attend the "2007 Annual Conference of industry university research cooperation education" of East China University of science and technology. The conference was grandly held in the Yifu Building lecture hall of East China University of technology, and nearly 200 automation industry experts, university teachers and enterprise representatives attended the conference. Professor Tu Shandong, vice president of East China University of technology and director of the steering committee of industry university research cooperative education, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, saying that industry university research cooperative education benefited industry, schools and students, and achieved good results of "three wins"

Ms. yuan na, Commissioner of Siemens' automation education cooperation project, was invited to attend the meeting on behalf of Siemens and delivered a speech. She said that Siemens' leading position in the industry comes from innovation, which relies on high-quality engineering talents. Therefore, in the past few years, Siemens has carried out all-round cooperation with East China University of technology. Siemens looks forward to deepening its educational cooperation with East China University of technology and achieving greater success

the cooperation between Siemens and East China University of technology began in 2002. Shanghai West stood out in the fierce competition with the same industry. Menzi Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. (SIAS) is open to East China University of technology as an internship base for industry university research cooperation education, which is mainly used for students' practical activities, graduation projects (Design) and participation in production and R & D projects. In 2006, both Ximen China 5 mine and Alibaba believed that the subsidiary and East China University of technology jointly established Siemens Automation Laboratory and provided technical training for teachers. In order to encourage students to study hard, we also awarded "Siemens A D scholarship" and "a dsimatic scholarship" to students with excellent character and learning in 2006 and 2007. Mr. He Weike, general manager of Siemens (China) automation and drive group, was also honored to be employed as a visiting professor of East China University of technology, and held special lectures for teachers and students for many times, which won wide resonance among teachers and students

the education cooperation between Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and East China University of technology, industry university research cooperation education has effectively supported the practical teaching link of the school, provided a platform for cultivating students' innovative ability to integrate theory with practice, promoted the improvement of teaching quality, guided teachers and students to study technical skills, and cultivated a large number of engineering talents with both theoretical and practical abilities. With a strong sense of education, Siemens Automation and drive group (AD) has always been actively committed to fulfilling its commitment to invest in and support China's education, and has carried out educational cooperation with more than 50 colleges and universities. Siemens Automation and drive group will carry out automation education cooperation projects with consistent enthusiasm and deep social sense, implement talent strategy, and promote the development of automation in China

Siemens in China

Siemens is a deeply loved and respected corporate citizen in China. Its cooperation with China can be traced back to 1872, when Siemens provided China with the first pointer telegraph. The company has witnessed the great changes brought about by China's reform and opening up in the past 25 years according to the current lightweight development situation and trend, and is very proud to become a loyal and reliable partner in China's economic development. All business groups of Siemens have entered China and are active in information and communication in China. M. manual control mode: machines are equipped with manual control boards, automation and control, power, transportation, medical treatment, lighting, household appliances and other industries. Its core business areas are infrastructure construction and industrial solutions. So far, Siemens has established more than 70 operating companies in China and regional offices in 55 cities. This regional organizational structure allows the company to better grasp the pulse of the market, understand local information, and more effectively meet the needs of customers. With more than 36000 high-quality employees, Siemens is one of the foreign-invested enterprises with the largest number of employees in China. The company has long been committed to becoming an integral part of China's economy. By continuing to expand investment, strengthening local R & D and software development, and expanding local procurement activities, the company will ensure the rapid development of its business in China

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