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Siemens Sitop smart and Sitop compact power supply series add new expensive

Siemens industrial automation group Sitop smart and Sitop compact power supply series add new expensive: new three-phase Sitop psu300s power supply and single-phase Sitop psu100c power supply. It is not only compact and efficient, but also powerful, occupying little installation space. Compared with similar products on the market, it has high efficiency, low energy consumption and less waste heat

two new Sitop psu300s power supplies that can connect three-phase electricity further expand the Siemens Sitop smart power supply series. In order to improve the existing power supply (rated current is 20a), the new power supply provides 10a and 40A rated output current. The installation width of 10A power supply is only 90mm. The 40A power supply only needs 145mm space on the DIN rail. The efficiency is up to 91%, which can effectively reduce heat release without a large number of heat sinks, and the structure is extremely compact. Sitop psu300s power supply is optimized for automation equipment and factory standard requirements that require stable 24V DC voltage. For example, during the start-up process of loads with high current demand, the 2016 China smart factory Summit Forum, Taizhou kelcai industry exchange and cooperation promotion meeting, the joint meeting of the National Plastic Industry Association, and the docking meeting of high-quality products at the source of plastic daily necessities were also held during the exhibition. This high-performance power supply can output 1.5 times the rated current in five seconds. Through the integrated signal contact, the controller can analyze whether the operation state of the power supply is 24V normal. In addition, the uniform value power supply can also be used with redundant modules, selective modules and DC UPS modules (uninterruptible DC power supply). With three-phase wide range input (AC range 340 to 550V) and comprehensive certification for all standard applications, psu300s power supply is suitable for global use

Siemens has added three high output single-phase Sitop psu100c power supplies for Sitop compact power supply series: two 24V power supplies (rated output current of 2.5A and 4A respectively) and a 12V power supply (rated output current of 6.5A). It effectively improves the original product series (24v/0.6a, 24v/1.3 and 12v/2a). The total width of the new Sitop power supply is only 45mm and 52.5mm, which is particularly suitable for distributed use in the low power range of about 100W, such as installed in the switch box and small control 1 The impact resistance testing machine is used in the impact resistance test cabinet of automotive safety glass. Like all models in the product series, the new DIN rail mounted power supply can achieve high efficiency in the whole load range and low no-load loss (less than 1W). A wide range of input is convenient to connect to the single-phase AC with voltage of 120 and 230V. Hardness test is widely used in the mechanical industry to test the quality of raw materials and parts after heat treatment, or to connect to the DC voltage between 110 and 300V. The removable hot pluggable terminal allows the use of pre assembled wiring, which is convenient for power replacement. Moreover, these power supplies are suitable for use at operating temperatures of -20 to +70 ℃

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