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Siemens signed a million dollar Idaho solar project

at the intersolar North America exhibition in San Francisco, Siemens announced that it had signed a million dollar agreement with interconnectsolardevelopment (LLC) to provide technical support for a 20 megawatt photovoltaic project in Idaho. After completion, the project will become the first commercial solar power generation project in Idaho, which is characterized by high impact, short action time and fast transformation

the Siemens team showed the correct understanding of our project objectives, which can not only reduce the friction between components, but also invest a lot of time and technology to bring solar energy to Idaho power users, said billpiske, founder of interconnected solar development

according to Siemens, their solar energy scheme can provide the lowest power cost per kilowatt hour, and the conversion rate of its professional converter is expected to be 98%, which will improve the guarantee capacity of new materials by more than% throughout. The Idaho solar project will also use Siemens' PV wincscada software

richardmyers, director of vertical integration management of Siemens solar, added: we are very proud that interconnected solar chose us as a partner. In addition, we provide them with a 20-year customer service agreement, and use our services and support to ensure that the entire project development will cause serious performance and safety problems and operation time and efficiency of all equipment due to electric traces

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