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Siemens TIA botu V14 engineering platform will improve productivity and shorten product launch time

Siemens' newly launched tia* botu V14 version will help equipment manufacturers shorten product launch time and improve the productivity of end users. Siemens has enriched the TIA botu V14 engineering platform, bringing users a series of new digital enterprise functions, which can fully meet the requirements of industry 4.0

tia botu reliably solves the noise problem in industrial sites, interacts with other systems through open interfaces, and exchanges data. Teamcenter provides a new interface for product data management in Teamcenter, Siemens' data collaboration platform for design, planning and engineering. Users can easily create model-based programs by using the new interface connecting matlab/simulink. The engineering design based on cloud platform is also a new feature. With private cloud, users can access factory controllers through the newly launched cloud connector on the way of TIA Bo, or obtain other digital services from Siemens by using Siemens' industrial cloud solution mindsphere. Another new function is plcsim advanced, which provides an interface for simulation software, such as plant simulation and process simulate. Through plcsim advanced, users can simulate a digital twin for the SIMATIC s controller to achieve efficient virtual debugging

based on the guiding principle of a single engineering platform, TIA botu not only integrates the parameter configuration, programming configuration and other operations of automation components (from controllers and HMI devices to drives) into a unified engineering platform, but also integrates information security and functional security. The suite composed of SIMATIC advanced motion controller and SINAMICS servo drive system is now integrated into TIA botu V14, mainly for motion control applications that will greatly improve the detection ability in the field of high molecular materials in Southwest China. The new SIMATIC st-cpu controller can handle motion control tasks, while the new SINAMICS V90 servo drive system supporting PROFINET can bring the required speed and accuracy to the machine equipment. With the new suite, SIMATIC users can now perform advanced motion control tasks such as synchronization and cam control in a familiar environment. The new multi-user function is applicable to the concept of decentralized work. This allows multiple operators to efficiently access projects on the same server at the same time by using the automatic synchronization function, so that they can group automated tasks according to devices, objects and functions. The parameter assignment and evaluation of 3VA molded case circuit breaker and 7km PAC series measuring instruments are also new functions of TIA botu V14, which can simplify the process of obtaining energy values from feedback system, electrical output and various loads

more new functions in TIA botu V14 help reduce engineering requirements and increase data visibility during operation. Thanks to the automatic code generation and synchronization functions of HMI devices, through the prodiag option, users can realize detailed plant and machine monitoring while minimizing the cost of configuration and visualization. Prodiag can detect errors in the user's process, and provide information about the type, location and origin of these errors on the display device to avoid forming bubbles in the component, as well as data on how to correct the errors. SIMATIC energy suite helps to easily assign and evaluate the parameters of multiple measuring elements, and the required control program can be generated by pressing the button. At the same time, s mainly considers whether the stretching stroke is long enough. Imatic energy kit can increase the transparency of energy flow and help to achieve the energy-saving standard specified in ISO 50001. Users can easily access energy data and integrate it into automation solutions. Wincc/webux not only helps to monitor plant processes, but also, if necessary, users can use mobile HMI terminals (such as tablets and smartphones) to control processes through interconnection or internal. Process data is available worldwide, making it easy to access machines. TIA botu V14 now enables all SIMATIC S7 controllers to have OPC UA server functions, for example, to ensure standardized connection with the manufacturing execution system and achieve vertical factory integration

background information:

Siemens TIA botu (fully integrated automation portal) enables users to quickly and intuitively perform automation and transmission tasks through efficient configuration. Its software architecture is designed for high efficiency and ease of use, and is suitable for both new and old users. TIA botu provides standard engineering concepts for controllers, human machine interfaces (HMI) and drivers, which can share unified data storage and consistent operation methods, such as operation during configuration, communication and diagnosis, and provide powerful library functions for all automation objects. The simple engineering implementation method of TIA Bo Road is conducive to complete digital automation, such as digital planning, integrated engineering and transparent operation. In addition to PLM (product lifecycle management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) products in the digital enterprise software suite, TIA POTU is a perfect supplement for enterprises applying Siemens series industrial software to stride towards industry 4.0

* totally integrated automation

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