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Siemens successfully held an internal Seminar on safety products and applications

on April 27, 2012, the control products and Systems Engineering Department of Siemens Industrial Automation Group (hereinafter referred to as CE) successfully held an internal Seminar on safety products and applications in Siemens Beijing Center. This seminar is an important step for CE CP to promote safety products after the popularization of safety concepts in early 2012. Only on the basis of a correct understanding of safety products can we better promote products to the market. Chu Weizhong, safety product manager of CE CP product management group, said

at the product internal seminar held on April 27, product manager Chu Weizhong first introduced the safety products of Siemens CE CP. As an important part of Siemens' safety integration in recent years, CE CP's related products under this concept include: safety relay (3tk28), safety relay module (MSS), as interface system, and travel switches that are not suitable for reinforced films, microporous sheets, and membrane safety. In the next application link, the correct method of the product is to rotate it to the right. The manager focused on the wide industrial application of CE CP safety products from 18 market segments, so that the participants deeply felt the broad future development of CE CP safety products and all problems in the installation and commissioning process of processing equipment; Field space

this internal seminar attracted colleagues from CE CP business development department, operation support department and customer service department. Taking product selection as the starting point, the product manager introduced how Siemens CE could meet the market demand through product design under safety integration. The seminar is based on products, but it is not limited to technology. It provides a good communication platform for everyone to be familiar with safety products from the perspective of marketing

I hope that through this internal seminar, everyone can have a comprehensive and macro understanding of CE CP's safety products and their industrial applications. Chu Weizhong, product manager, said that after May Day, we will start sharing successful cases. At that time, you will read six short stories related to safety products to more intuitively understand how CE can easily ensure mechanical safety and achieve efficient production through products

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