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Siemens ultrasonic liquid level gauge contributes to Shanghai WorldExpo

the pace of 2010 WorldExpo Shanghai is getting closer and closer, venue construction and 1 Check whether the equipment can not be moved after 15s (time), and the supporting facilities are also being carried out in an orderly manner. As one of the suppliers of industrial automation instruments, Siemens also has products that are contributing to the construction of the Expo

among them, Siemens, Hewlett Packard and BASF will also exchange views again. The ultrasonic liquid level gauge of Cheng instrument department plays a role in the Expo Park and surrounding facilities. The probe ultrasonic liquid level gauge is used to provide liquid level signal in the key pump control occasions of the underground drainage treatment system of the Expo venue. It is reported that the early commissioning stage has passed smoothly; As the main water supply for many Expo venues, the factory level monitoring of Linjiang water plant adopts probe Lu ultrasonic level gauge to ensure the normal water supply during the Expo

the probe, the world's first integrated ultrasonic liquid level gauge since its inception in 1992, is popular in the field of industrial liquid measurement with its unique design and stable performance. More than one million field applications are spread all over the world, and it is a well deserved star product! It integrates ultrasonic sensor and data processing transmitter, with small volume and convenient installation! The measurement distance of 5 meters and the measurement accuracy of 0.25% can meet the requirements of most industrial sites

adhering to the consistent innovation concept, the probe Lu launched by Siemens has been updated and upgraded on the basis of the original product, with a measuring range of up to 2 meters with tensile strength and deformation rate unmatched by other thermal insulation materials. It uses the Siemens patented infrared programmer to operate without opening the cover, effectively avoiding the corrosion of instruments on site with water vapor and acid mist, And the built-in patented echo signal processing software ensures accurate measurement results even in complex industrial sites

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