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Siemens switches ushered in a new era of minimalism and led the trend of home electrical fashion.

the pursuit of electricity by modern people has been promoted from basic safety and functionality to the design level. From the streamline and design of products to color matching and hand feeling, every household electrical detail that pays attention to has become the key to improving the quality of life. However, a quality and comfortable home environment needs to be built on the basis of safe and efficient home electrical protection

Ximen, who originated from Germany, introduced the maintenance secret of friction and wear testing machine, and took the lead in innovatively proposing a whole house electrical solution to make strong electricity safer and weak electricity more efficient, providing a comprehensive guarantee for the safe use of electricity in families. If everyone has a broken oil pipe at home, the most frequent contact is the switch socket. As the "nerve endings" of household electrical, the switch socket can not only supply power safely, but also become a pleasant ornament at home

Siemens switches combines German technology and exquisite skills to create Ruizhi series switches with minimalist fashion aesthetics, so that switches at home are not only one of household electrical equipment, but also a life ornament that shows residents' preferences and personality. Known as one of the classics of the industry, Siemens switch Ruizhi series turns complexity into simplicity, and comprehensively leads the design trend of the industry with its frameless panel design. Its novel appearance design is more suitable for matching with the popular simple decoration style, and has become the best-selling switch choice in recent years

subversive design and return to simplicity aesthetics

Siemens is not only committed to providing a complete set of home electrical solutions for the home environment, but also innovates and develops in the appearance and color of switch sockets. Among them, the Ruizhi series, whose simplicity style is loved by most consumers, can be said to be a perfect display of texture and design

Ruizhi series was designed by IDEO, a well-known industrial design company (the company once designed the first mouse for apple and the world's first notebook computer in the same year), breaking through the framework of traditional switches. With the simple and novel design of the industry's first rimless large rocker design, Ruizhi led the fashion trend in the field of switch sockets. Therefore, it won the German I in 2014 to ensure the measurement results of the experimental machine f design award. Siemens switch Ruizhi series makes the design return to the ultimate simplicity aesthetics. As one of the household electrical switches, it can also be an art handicraft perfectly integrated into the home

environmental protection materials, ultra polishing technology

in addition to home appliances such as circuit breakers, distribution boxes, etc., a wide range of household safety layout, in terms of small home appliances 5, laboratory space 1 must be larger than the size of the universal laboratory machine itself, Siemens also has strict requirements on materials. Ruizhi series uses kostron PC materials imported from Germany that meet RoHS EU environmental protection standards to ensure household electrical safety and environmental protection quality, so as to improve the quality of life of residents

among them, the switch products of dazzling white, obsidian gold and titanium silver adopt ultra-high polishing technology to create a piano paint like texture, so that the switch surface shows a pure mirror effect. The advanced injection molding technology makes Ruizhi series of switch products not easy to fade

the design of hidden LED lamp makes the switch both generous and low-key, and injects a fashionable and simple design concept into household electrical

Siemens smart switch series strictly selects high-quality materials to make home appliances, takes into account pragmatism and minimalist fashion design, leads the industry design trend with frameless and boundless exquisite technology, and more meets the expectations and demands of the new generation of consumers for minimalist aesthetics. It really carefully builds a happy and safe living environment for you from every small detail of home appliances

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