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THERE have recently been reports about superyachts which should traditionally come to Palma for winter refits and repairs having gone to other shipyards in Spain. While on the surface these reports are correct, the reason however is simply because Palma’s shipyards are fullThe University of Ottawa..

The capital’s yards are considered some of the best in Europeuniversity_health_network, hence why they have been steadily expanding over the past decade in order to not only meet growing demand but also to handle larger superyachts.

The professionalism and quality work in Mallorca’s yachting industry is second to none and it has not gone unnoticed with the Balearic government trying to encourage more locals to move into the foreign-dominated sector which year-on-year becomes more important to the local economy and employment market. However, it appears that plans for further expansion of the shipyards have been put on hold – much to the frustration of the nautical industryare permitted at larger capacities and with other restrictions..

A project to significantly expand the size of the shipyards has now been lying idle on the table for over a year and this yearThe lives of almost each and everyone of us to an extent we could never have imagined before., it has not gone unnoticed how other nautical destinations are ramping up the competition now that Palma has reached capacityAn agency statement said those aged 30 or younger will be excluded.

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