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Whether it is the decoration of new houses or the decoration of second-hand houses, we will encounter all kinds of difficulties and doubts in the process of decoration. Although many owners don't understand it, they should pay attention to it. They can't rely on the decoration team alone. So, what are the decoration matters that the owners must pay attention to? Next, we will share the experience of decoration

whether it is new house decoration or second-hand house decoration, there will be all kinds of difficulties and doubts in the decoration process. Although many owners don't understand it, they should pay attention to it. They can't rely on the decoration team alone. So, what are the decoration matters that the owners must pay attention to? Next, we will share the experience of decoration

1. The waterproofing of all places must be checked.

the waterproofing of toilets and kitchens has been tested with closed water. It's no problem that there is water seepage on the edges of several windows. Damn KFS, one wall has been rectified before, and now there is water seepage in another place!! We must check it before decoration, otherwise when the decoration is finished, the latex paint has been done, and now we have to shovel it off for disposal... Cups. In addition, if you have conditions, you should also remind your neighbors to be waterproof, otherwise the water will seep into your house, which will make you feel better

2. If you choose white, you must be prepared.

white composite acrylic countertops are easy to be dirty, and permeable dirt. Although they can be polished, it is troublesome to let merchants polish them after all. Recently, I learned that the quartz countertops of owners who also decorate have this problem. It seems that white countertops will encounter this problem

3. Sockets must be installed more

in fact, many owners thought of this problem at that time, but they don't know where to install more sockets. We must think about it carefully, and use every cell to think about where to need sockets. The following provides references. Bedroom: five hole sockets need to be installed on both sides of the bedside. Generally, mobile phone charging, laptop adapter, desk lamp, etc. are required; The location of the TV needs to be equipped with several more five holes, because in addition to the TV, there is also a set-top box, and it is possible that the laptop is linked to the TV screen to watch movies. Moreover, you should decide whether to use the TV cabinet. If you use it, the socket should not be installed too low and blocked by the TV cabinet. In addition to these two places, it is recommended to install another five hole one. For example, if there are two mobile phones, two notebooks, and other devices that need to be recharged at home, sometimes the socket is not enough

living room: on the side of the sofa, the TV background should be equipped with sockets. The TV background in the living room should be equipped with at least 4-5 five holes. If the router, TV, stereo and set-top box are all here, sometimes a laptop adapter should be inserted

4. The floor drain must be bought.

it doesn't cost much, but it's embedded in the floor tile, and you can't change it if you want to change it later. When decorating, if you don't study which kind of floor drain is good and which kind is bad, you just buy a brand of buckle cup, and the water seal has been covered!! It is suggested that you must buy floor drains that can drain quickly and prevent blockage. Floor drain must be bought

5. Open kitchen, the problem of no lampblack is absolutely false

if you are a Western food lover or seldom cook at home, I won't say much, but the open kitchen is definitely not suitable for the frying and frying of traditional Chinese food. There is a lot of lampblack, and no matter how good the range hood is, it can't solve this problem. After a year, your furniture will be completely destroyed

6. If you can buy furniture, you can buy it. If you can't find a good carpenter, don't find a carpenter.

the owners who have decorated strongly don't recommend carpenters to do it. It's not only difficult to find a good carpenter, but also a problem is that it's even harder to find a good painter. Although the shape of the bookcase at home is still alive, the surface paint is badly done, and the beaten cabinets are generally fixed, so it is basically impossible to change the layout in the future

7. The weak current box must be bigger

the current weak current box is very small, and the original network cable in it can't be plugged, so we need to put a “ Cat ” Inside, don't even think about the router. It can't be closed now. It's really a big cup

editor's summary: This is the summary of the decoration experience shared by cattle people. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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