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Sofia ceremoniously launched the "double egg benefit, waiting for you" Christmas New Year's Day finale welfare preferential activity, which was not only launched in more than 1400 Sofia stores across the country, but also launched simultaneously in Sofia tmall flagship store

activity time: December 25th, 2014 to January 3rd, 2015

double egg Juhui welfare I: 1000 crazy rebate for over 4900

during the period from December 25th, 2014 to January 3rd, 2015, anyone who purchases Sofia home products with a positive price of over 4900 yuan can receive 1000 yuan in cash as a gift, with no ceiling, buy more and get more free

double egg Juhui welfare II: the wardrobe package is booming buy it now price

this activity focuses on the end of the year. Therefore, three value-added wardrobe packages are launched, including "flat/cloth simple wardrobe", "classic Marseille big shutter Wardrobe" and "nice shutter Wardrobe". The price is only between 4399 yuan and 7899 yuan, allowing you to get rid of the old and make a big renovation before the Spring Festival

① buy it now flat/cloth pattern simple wardrobe

?? Roofless cabinet (limited to 2.4m high) buy it now price: 4399 yuan

?? Top cabinet (limited to 2.8 meters high) buy it now price: 5799 yuan

② buy it now package classic Marseille large shutter wardrobe

?? Including top cabinet (upper cover door and lower door)

?? Width (1.6m ~ 1.8m) buy it now price: 5399 yuan

?? Width (1.8m ~ 2.0m) buy it now price: 5999 yuan

③ buy it now price package nice shutter wardrobe

?? Including supported top cabinet, with height limit of 2.8m

?? Width (2 meters ~2.4 meters) buy it now price: 7899 yuan

double egg Juhui welfare 3: willful smashing eggs and drawing awards

anyone who spends more than 3000 yuan in the store can smash one golden egg, and those who spend more than 5000 yuan can smash two golden eggs. Each golden egg has a gift, and there is also a chance to throw a surprise gift -- two tickets for the movie "one step away", iPhone 6 and ipad Mini

Shuangdan Juhui welfare 4: free coupons when signing up

from December 15, just log in to Sofia tmall flagship store to sign up, and you can get a coupon of 200 yuan. After spending more than 10000 yuan with the coupon, you can use it by mobile Taobao

double egg Juhui welfare 5: 20 iPhone 6 waiting for you to get a discount of

200 yuan is not enough passion? During the event from December 25th, 2014 to January 3rd, 2015, customers who paid in full at tmall flagship store can participate in the ultimate lottery of double egg festival with tmall order number. Taking the last mantissa of Sofia's closing price as the lottery number, they will send an iPhone 6 plus and an iPhone 6 every day, with a total of 20 trench gifts waiting for you

there are many interest concessions at the end of the year, so it is time to start decoration. Are you ready for the double egg carnival! Sophia, which focuses on customized home furnishings, will provide consumers with more fashionable, safe and affordable products, bringing Sophia's elegant style to thousands of families




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