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Yang Jiangxi, a dealer of Wanshida in Chongqing, believes that the most important thing in the business process is "intention and dedication"

Chongqing urban area Wanshida Yang Jiangxi

City: Chongqing urban area

main brands: Wanshida wooden door, Shengshi manor

joining time: 2009

annual sales: more than 10million

Wanshida Chongqing urban area dealer Yang Jiangxi

cooperation statement:

in this area of Chongqing, everyone likes log things very much, because they think log products have environmental protection and healthy performance. Therefore, when choosing the brand of agent, I focus on the manufacturer of logs. According to my various investigations, Wanshida has done very well in the field of logs, so I chose this brand without hesitation. Since joining in 2009, my biggest feeling is that I chose the right brand. In terms of service, Wanshida did a very good job. Whenever I encounter problems, Wanshida will lend a helping hand in time to solve all kinds of problems in my business. In terms of products, Wanshida has many categories. As long as you can think of it, Wanshida can guarantee the production

business philosophy:

in my personal opinion, the most important thing in the business process is "intention and concentration". Since acting as the agent of this brand in 2009, I have been dedicated to managing this brand. Wanshida also benefited me a lot. At the beginning, my annual sales could reach more than two million

with the continuous development and progress of the times, I intend to follow the route of high-end stores, which coincides with the development strategy of Wanshida. Wanshida constantly enriched its products and launched wardrobe and other products. Because of the good store, the rent is also very high. I think if we want to do well, we must enrich our products. Therefore, I also bring products such as cabinets and stairs into the store. Although the cabinet is not our strong point, we must complete all customized products to make the whole wood customization now. Therefore, although there will be many difficulties for us to do so, we will certainly overcome them

experience sharing:

in fact, over the past few years, people in the industry have been lamenting that business is not easy to do, and the more it is done, the more difficult it is, and they don't feel a way out. In fact, I think this idea is incorrect, because no matter what industry you are in, whether it is good or not depends on people to make performance, rather than blindly complaining about the bad market environment. No matter how bad the market is, someone will still consume it. Especially now, due to the full opening of the second child, the demand for housing continues to rise. It can be predicted that the market demand will be greater and greater, which will be more beneficial to our home furnishing practitioners

for many people who say that the storefront is deserted, I think this is because they do not do a good job in marketing activities. The reason why there are customers coming to my store to buy products is that our salesperson often goes out to the market and invites customers to come. Therefore, in such an environment, we should take the initiative





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