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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, it is now widely concerned by people, and the pursuit of brand shoes and bags is also increasingly chasing high-end fashion. Therefore, the domestic brand shoe bag industry is also becoming more and more popular, and the number of brand shoe bag franchise stores is also increasing with the increase of the market. Now, as long as you choose the right shoe bag brand and choose the store address, two of the three most important elements of opening a shoe bag franchise store have been completed, and then the most critical one is the store decoration of brand shoe bags

1. First class terminal store decoration. Decoration can make clothes more beautiful and effective, and stimulate consumers' eyeballs. (can customers not be attracted? Because the decoration of most clothing stores in the market is very general)

2. First class clothing display effect (can customers not be attracted? Change the clothing display mode at least twice a week)

3. First class clothing quality style (can customers not be attracted? Seven checks of all products, with an average style update cycle of 3-5 days)

4. First class sales skills. Sales skills are very important, such as promotion means, communication means, dealing with customers' bargaining, etc

5. Exchange 100% in the whole process. (100% exchange in the current quarter, 100% exchange across seasons) it is the first brand of the same type to truly realize zero inventory

reasonable store space configuration and unique commodity location layout can create a comfortable shopping environment, induce customers to increase the number of purchases, and improve customers' store identity. The above are a few small details about how to decorate the brand shoe bag store shared by my danbino shoe bag editor, hoping to help you. (- the most authoritative and professional shoe industry information center




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