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On March 11, the 315 service survey report conference with the theme of "looking for an example of home service" was grandly held in Guangzhou Nanfeng Langhao hotel

on March 11, 2016, the 315 service survey report conference with the theme of "looking for a home service example" was grandly held in Langham Hotel, Nanfeng, Guangzhou. At the meeting, Netease home not only made the development strategic plan for 2016, but also grandly released the 2016 315 service survey report. The survey results show that Wrigley stands out among more than 200 well-known home furnishing brands with high-quality services, and has become a "2016 home furnishing industry service model"

it is reported that the "315 home enterprise service survey" has been comprehensively upgraded. Leaving the past single telephone after-sales survey method, we conducted a two-month home service capability survey on more than 200 well-known home brands from three aspects: telephone service, e-commerce service and wechat official account service, looking for a service example in the home industry. Wrigley wardrobe is honored on the list by virtue of its brand strength, which is well deserved

different from the finished home furnishing industry, customized wardrobe is a semi-finished product industry, and the consumption process includes selection, measurement, delivery plan, production scheduling, transportation, installation and other links. Therefore, for customized wardrobe brands, the meticulous service before, during and after sales directly affects the consumer experience. "We arrange special personnel to track every link of customer customized wardrobe, and no disconnection is allowed," said the manager of arrow wardrobe Panyu store in Guangzhou. Wrigley wardrobe also set eight considerate service standards: 1 Free home decoration knowledge consultation; 2. Provide product matching scheme and budget by free Express; 3. Free door-to-door gauging plan; 4. Free cleaning and maintenance; 5. Free space design (resident designer, makeeasy software, hand-painted drawings); 6. Free delivery; 7. One free refund for excess and one compensation for deficiency; 8. Follow up the use of the product by phone within three months. It is the meticulous service of Wrigley wardrobe that has won the satisfaction and good reputation of the majority of owners for the brand

Wrigley wardrobe takes improving people's home life quality as its mission, adheres to the way of leading technology, professional operation and honest service, and provides global consumers with a series of healthy, environmental friendly, safe and reassuring home environment products. In addition, Wrigley wardrobe customization operation processing and professional service team building level, with humanized intimate service to pay attention to customer needs. While absorbing mature design concepts, we also fully control the home space, so as to share the high-quality experience brought by Wrigley products for the majority of consumers

in the increasingly fierce industry competition, Wrigley wardrobe has won the trust of consumers with this seven-star considerate service, making Wrigley wardrobe quickly stand in the forest of customized brands. This award of "2016 home furnishing industry service model" is both an encouragement and a spur. We believe that Wrigley wardrobe will usher in a more brilliant future with high-quality products and high-standard services





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