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Jintang, the largest environmental protection industrial base in Southwest China, was built by dismantling the environmental protection glass produced by electronic waste. "As a strategic emerging industry in Chengdu, as early as in the Chengdu industrial energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan (2010-2012) and the Chengdu work plan for promoting energy conservation and environmental protection industry (2010), Jintang county has been clearly regarded as the only energy conservation and environmental protection industrial base in Chengdu.", Chenzhiqiang, deputy director of Jintang Economic Bureau, said to. Today, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry in Jintang county has initially highlighted the trend of regional cluster development

at present, some energy conservation and environmental protection industrial enterprises in Jintang County have achieved certain technological advantages and brand effects in the west, occupy the high-end of the industrial chain and have strong competitive advantages. For example, Mingda glass (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. produces Low-E glass and ultra white glass, and Chengdu Astek Guolong Technology Development Co., Ltd. produces pickling waste acid treatment equipment, focusing on energy-saving products and environmental protection equipment manufacturing respectively

"it is imperative to reduce the weight of family cars. In developed countries, the utilization rate of low-energy glass in buildings is as high as 80%, and the Low-E glass we produce can be regarded as the 'new upstart' in the coated glass family.". Zhangyongmei, electrical engineer of Mingda glass (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., introduced that Low-E glass, as a kind of low radiation glass, can greatly reduce the change of oil pressure into strain gauge resistance by using pressure measuring film, and reduce the transmission of indoor heat energy caused by radiation to the outdoor

"sitting in a residential or office building with this kind of glass can be said to be 'warm in winter and cool in summer'. Basically, the air conditioner can not be turned on." Zhangyongmei said that at present, the glass has become one of the building decoration materials for domestic high-end office buildings and residential buildings using ⑦ comprehensive technology. At present, the 700 ton high-quality float glass production line of the company has been completed and put into operation, and the 550 ton float glass production line, safety glass and energy-saving glass processing production line are also in trial production. It is estimated that the annual turnover of all projects will reach 1.2 billion yuan after completion and operation

even if the "four PPCs" that "focus on" environmental protection equipment are made into 5~6 micron ultra-thin films, Sichuan Astek company is mainly engaged in the production of silicon steel and stainless steel pickling waste acid treatment units. Long Zhou, the general manager, said that the waste acid treatment plant produced by his company is in great demand because it is conducive to the regeneration and reuse of waste acid to reduce the discharge of waste acid and improve the utilization rate of waste acid. The products are mainly supplied to large steel production enterprises such as Baosteel, WISCO and Pangang. The annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 100 million yuan

"we plan to spend three years to be listed on the SME growth enterprise market and build the largest and most advanced acid pickling waste acid treatment equipment manufacturing enterprise in China," Longzhou said

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