The hottest demand rises and the paper price rises

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Demand rises paper price rises the paper demand increment brought about by the Olympic Games is expected to reach 5%

the report on the production and marketing situation of the paper industry held recently looks forward to the future situation of the domestic and foreign paper market. Based on the views of various industry insiders, it can be concluded that as the rising pulp price is transmitted to the downstream and the capacity is gradually digested on the premise of slow increase in demand, the paper price is expected to rebound in the future, and the industry prosperity will return. The customer demand for the company's iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate products will also increase significantly

pulp price continues to rise

lvjianhua, CEO of pulp and paper business, predicts that the international pulp price will maintain a steady growth in, due to the shutdown of some pulp plants in North America, the lack of international wood pulp raw materials, and China's huge demand for raw pulp. Data show that since 2006, more than half of the international wood pulp has been exported to China, and wood pulp is the second largest import product of China

in addition, due to the rigid constraints of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, China will intensify the shutdown of small pulp mills. In the first September of this year, the pulp output was 15.79 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 15%. 1562 small pulp enterprises were reorganized and shut down. It is estimated that nearly 1700 enterprises will be shut down throughout the year

in this way, the supply of wood pulp at home and abroad is in short supply, which will inevitably lead to the continuous rise in the price of wood pulp, and this part of the cost will inevitably be transmitted to the downstream to raise the price. MDI and TDI are both raw materials for the production of polyurethane

expanded production capacity has been gradually absorbed

Zhao Wei, Secretary General of the paper Association, believes that the expanded production capacity has been gradually absorbed on the premise of maintaining a basic balance between supply and demand of paper products. It is expected that the price of paper products will increase this year and next year

in fact, since 2005, the production capacity of the paper industry has expanded rapidly, and some large paper enterprises have successively launched new paper machines. In 2006, the number of paper enterprises with an annual output of more than one million tons reached 7. However, this momentum was checked in early 2007. This year's new capacity is 15%, and the growth rate is obviously weaker than that of last year

in this case, although the growth of demand is relatively weaker than that of production capacity, it has been maintained steadily. Driven by the Olympic effect and the overall momentum of China's economy, the demand for paper products is expected to accelerate after next year

app China Marketing Director liutianshi pointed out that as the Olympic Games is approaching, a large number of supplies such as Olympic tickets, advertisements, admission guides and brochures need to be distributed, which will significantly stimulate the demand for paper products. It is expected that the increase in paper demand brought about by the Olympic Games is expected to reach 5%

in addition, due to the increase of China's export products, the quantity and price of kraft paper, white board and box board used for packaging have increased at the same time, and even some products of Jiulong paper and Taiyang paper are in short supply

industry integration enhances bargaining power

in 2006, printing paper represented by paper and coated paper experienced a cold winter in the industry. In addition to the oversupply caused by capacity expansion, another reason is that the industry is scattered and the bargaining power is not strong

some paper mills said: we did not dare to raise prices to newspaper users, but scared them away before they spoke. They could turn around and find enterprises with low prices

this phenomenon is expected to improve in 2008. In the previously released industrial policy for the paper industry, it was clearly stated that domestic enterprises should be encouraged to carry out cross regional, cross departmental, cross industry and cross ownership mergers and reorganizations, and strive to cultivate 5-10 large enterprise groups with an annual capacity of more than 3million tons and with characteristics and international competitiveness

Zhao Wei said: restructuring and M & A will improve the integration of the industry. If small enterprises are absorbed and merged, they can increase the bargaining power of the industry

although there are many factors for the recovery of the industry, there are also uncertainties in the form of domestic production and demand, as well as international trade frictions and disputes plus the 2012 drama, which may cause great difficulties for the paper industry

Zhao Wei pointed out that the growth and consumption between production capacity and demand is still uncertain. As the leader of 3D printing modified materials in the world, Jin min's obvious inventory for the first time also puts pressure on downstream digestion. In addition, the constant trade frictions have repeatedly damaged the overseas market. However, it was reported yesterday that the United States had finally lifted the anti-dumping and countervailing sanctions on China's coated paper, which was good for the paper industry's export and meant that the door to the U.S. market was still open

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