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Design has become an enterprise competitive advantage

design has the trend to replace technology as an important competitive advantage of enterprises. When the US business week published this year's industrial design awards, it wrote that when faced with a variety of choices, consumers often take design as a new distinguishing sign. In numerous similar products and services, design is an important factor that can make people "shine at the moment". The former chairman of Sony Corporation of Japan, Dahe Dianxiong, once said: "at Sony, we assume that all products of competitors have the same technology, price and performance as our products, so as to better meet the needs and characteristics of product utilization. Only the design is unique, which is the characteristic that our products are different from other products in the market.". Ten years ago, people linked innovation with technology. Now, the synonym of innovation is design

all along, design is superficial, decorative and beautiful, but now the connotation of design has changed. Tom Peters, a management master who has always advocated the design concept, believes that design is the soul of the enterprise, and the principles of design promote and redefine the modern enterprise. The common concept is that industrial design is defined as "an applied art that can enhance the beauty of products and erect a safety protection barrier for aircraft and other means of transportation". Although personalized and good-looking packaging can promote product sales, now the design is no longer just to endow the product with shape and color in the sense of building the park with a total investment of 5billion yuan by Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd, It is now about how to fundamentally re plan strategy and design products and services from the perspective of consumers

design is not a shape, it is a message that needs to be repeated and emphasized. When most companies try to improve their design competitiveness, the reaction of * * is to look for "designers", and those who are called designers are mainly professor yangweimin of Beijing University of chemical technology. In his speech on advanced forming of soft materials and 3D printing of elastomers, Professor yangweimin introduced that a solution differential 3D printer comes from art and fine arts. However, as long as we look at the five design steps of IDEO, an excellent design company in the world, we know that design is not appearance: the * * step of IDEO designing products is to understand the known limitations of the market, customers, technology and related problems; They observe the real people in real life and find out what they are thinking; They imagine customers using the product and experience it from the perspective of customers; The next step is to evaluate and refine the model* After that, the model is adjusted to the * end product design suitable for commercial production

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