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Demonstration drives cohesion: demonstration drives cohesion: Luoyang Construction machinery creates a demonstration area for Party members

demonstration drives cohesion: Luoyang Construction machinery creates a demonstration area for Party members

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. More than 20 people including all Party members and team leaders of the material preparation workshop attended the awarding ceremony

party members of large CNC teams account for 70% of the total number of employees. They are mainly engaged in the blanking of various large parts, most of which are product appearance parts with high quality requirements. The Party branch of the workshop has decided to create a "large numerical control party member demonstration team" in view of the current situation that there are many types of ordered vehicles, operators' skills are uneven, the production progress of the team is slow, and the quality needs to be improved. It will strive for first-class work performance by carrying out activities such as the Party member production competition Taiyuan: Primary School Students' skillfully making lanterns and waste materials into "babies", Party members' project approval and tackling key problems, and operators at key positions "help each other and learn from each other and form pairs", Build a first-class work team and promote the improvement of team management

at the awarding ceremony, Hehong, Secretary of the Party committee of the company, pointed out that the material preparation workshop, based on reality, carried out the pilot of Party member demonstration teams, accelerated the innovation practice of Party building, such as increasing the proportion of medium and high-end products, helping each other and forming pairs, etc., with clear themes and key points. He hoped to do a good job in "three strengthening" and "five taking the lead", give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Party member team, and actively guide the staff to strive to be a smart tailor of steel, Strive to be the most important person in the United States, implement all work well, and make new contributions to achieving the 2015 business goals

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