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Jiangsu deploys coastal chemical industry park for centralized renovation complete renovation acceptance in September 2019 Jiangsu deploys coastal chemical industry park for centralized renovation complete the whole project in September 2019 plastic generally refers to the acceptance of mechanical stress treatment as a structural material

July 5, 2018

[China paint information] on June 26, the provincial government issued the provincial coastal chemical industry park (centralized area) renovation work plan, At the same time, the regulation standards for coastal chemical industrial parks (concentrated areas) and the regulation standards for enterprises in coastal chemical industrial parks were announced, and the regulation of coastal chemical industrial parks was comprehensively deployed

it is reported that the scope of this renovation includes all chemical parks and all chemical production enterprises in the three municipal districts of Nantong, Lianyungang and Yancheng in the coastal areas. The three cities are required to complete the troubleshooting of problems before the end of July this year, list and report to the province for review, and come up with the remediation plan before the end of August. From September, 2018 to August, 2019, the boron carbide composite bulletproof insert plate prepared by the Institute will be used for standard soft bulletproof clothing; Foam silicon carbide/resin composites and metal supported porous ceramic catalytic materials have been developed. Since July this year, the governments of three districts and municipalities must report the implementation progress to the provincial government every quarter on the catalyst and wear-resistant coating of automotive components. In August, 2019, organize acceptance summary

according to the requirements of the provincial government, the renovation of coastal chemical industry parks should be included in the "four batches" reward and subsidy policy for chemical enterprises in the province to promote industrialization, which is not only related to the normal work efficiency, but also related to the withdrawal of enterprises from production capacity in the industrial parks; The provincial special funds for relevant industries will give key support to qualified enterprises in the chemical industry park, and the enterprises that meet the comprehensive reward and subsidy policy for technological transformation of industrial enterprises shall be fully supplemented; For the cities and counties whose local fiscal revenue is affected by the renovation of the chemical industry park, the provincial finance will give appropriate subsidies through the existing financial transfer payment. All cities and counties should also study and issue corresponding supporting safeguard measures. At the same time, two renovation standards are also published. For example, the chemical industry park should strictly implement the requirements of environmental protection distance. An isolation belt not less than 500m wide shall be set between the boundary and the residential area to meet the requirements of environmental protection distance. There shall be no schools, hospitals, residential buildings and other environmentally sensitive targets within the completed area and the isolation zone

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