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The demand of Wenzhou coating industry has dropped sharply, and the situation of multiple attacks is serious.

the demand of Wenzhou coating industry has dropped sharply, and the situation of multiple attacks is serious.

May 31, 2009

[China coating information] since September last year, the consumption demand of Wenzhou coating has dropped significantly, and the overall situation is in a downturn. At present, the adverse situation of decreasing upstream and downstream demand, reducing production and shrinking production in the coating industry is gradually spreading, and coating manufacturers have felt the survival crisis brought about by the severe economic situation

a few days ago, in the coating stores of various dealers and agents in Wenzhou, the market transaction was light, and few customers visited. According to the store manager Mr. Chen, in the face of the current severe economic situation, "when will it get better?" This is the common question of almost every paint man

as the production capacity of the coating industry and the demand of consumers are constrained by the economic situation, as far as the coating manufacturers are concerned, the price of raw materials has decreased, and most people have psychological expectations for the future price to continue to decline, so they are not willing to buy on a large scale; On the consumer side, due to the psychological expectation that the investment value of stocks and funds will decline, they are unwilling to consume on a large scale. It is difficult to do business in the coating industry, and the decline in consumer demand has become a fact. According to him, the first half of the year was the off-season for the sales of the coating industry, and many merchants handled the overstocked inventory through various promotional activities. On the one hand, it can guide consumption, on the other hand, it can increase the withdrawal of receivables. At the same time, he expressed optimism about the trend of the coating industry in an interview, pointing out that the current situation will cause a relatively large reshuffle in the industry, natural selection, the inferior enterprises will be eliminated, the superior enterprises will survive, and the new microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine enterprises adopting load sensors will come to the fore

unifi said that it was learned that many industry experts said that the situation in the first half of 2009 was still grim, and the second half of 2009 would depend on the domestic demand of the national economy, but the tertiary and tertiary markets would have great prospects. The financial crisis is an unavoidable problem in all walks of life. In the face of the financial crisis, the coating industry should have a good attitude, adhere to its own characteristic positioning, such as the easy processing characteristics of ABS and the good mechanical characteristics and thermal stability of PC, repair both inside and outside, strive to improve the added value of products, and better serve consumers. Only in this way can the field with more experimental machines be revitalized after the crisis

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