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Desert test intelligence may become a common tool in the army. According to the wall street yesterday, the demand for large and super large marine electric welding anchor chains in the domestic and foreign markets is increasing day by day. However, the hydraulic force application system of the existing horizontal tension testing machine for anchor chains generally uses the proportional relief valve for loading, which has poor control performance and often fails to reach the class I standard, The U.S. Army plans to hold desert tests in the United States next week to test the operational performance of ordinary iPhones, Android and tablet computers sold on the market

it is reported that from next Monday, the US Army will also carry out stress tests on a series of application software. Through these applications, the army may be able to use the digital information from the front, such as watching the real-time video taken by the surveillance camera and the technology center of another service department, or downloading the latest information from a remote database

the U.S. Army does not plan to distribute an intelligence to every soldier. However, the Army Deputy Chief of general staff kyarelli recently said that if these equipment can prove itself in the test, the army will "buy what we need and give it to people who now need a brand-new green product"

during the six week assessment, soldiers of the second brigade combat team of the first armored division of the US Army will test whether these equipment can withstand the harsh desert environment. According to the report, in theory, intelligence may eventually become a common tool for the military, and its software will be customized for each team or task

for example, the US Army is about to test some applications that are expected to speed up the treatment of wounded soldiers. Among the applications evaluated in the next drill, several are used to transmit the precise position of the wounded soldier, and use the touch-screen menu to input key information such as the patient's name, health status and injury type, so that the wounded can be sent to the rear for treatment more quickly. Legal system

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