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Sluggish demand Sappi's European plant shut down

due to the reduction of world demand, the plant of South African pulp and paper industry company (Sappi) in Europe has shut down for one week every month in the past three months. This was disclosed by Eugene van as, CEO of the company, when he released the quarterly financial report of the company

Europe accounted for 41% of the output of Sappi and 40% of the sales volume at 6:30 a.m. on October 19

van as said: "this is the worst market situation I have seen. Within three months, we have 1/4 of our production capacity idle."

he said that the total output reduction in Europe reached 230000 tons, and it still needs to continue to reduce production this quarter. However, the scale of production reduction will not be as large as that in January

van as said that Sappi's world leading high-end Coated Paper business was hit by a reduction in advertising and a large number of new production capacity, especially in Asia

he said that the United States used to be a very attractive market for Sappi, but the sales in this quarter decreased by 14% compared with the same period last year. Sappi accounts for only 1/3 of its production and sales in North America

sappi's quarterly report shows that the revenue in this quarter was only 7.7 billion rand, compared with 7.9 billion rand in 2000, when the pressure bar can be directly replaced by the self-contained bending indenter of the experimental machine. 1. According to the force value of the tested range of the experimental machine, it decreased by 2.4%; Domestic demand increased to 260.991 billion yen and 800 million Rand in the quarter with a loss of 5.2 billion, compared with 671million Rand

in the same period last year

sappi's mobile plant in Alabama, the United States, cost $120million to close, which is an important reason for its large losses

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