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Demand leads the application of industrial Internet platform to pragmatism

Chinese customers have become more and more pragmatic. Zhangqiliang, founder and CEO of XCMG information, recently made a point in a special interview with industrial Internet Weekly. In the construction of industrial Internet, customers are most concerned about the value generated by platform applications and data

as one of the national double cross platforms, zhangqiliang's views are representative. He said: Chinese customers no longer pay for a concept or a hot word. What customers value is whether they can really bring value to themselves, reduce costs and improve efficiency

in 2019, application and promotion will become the main line of the development of industrial interconnection platforms. In this process, customers pay great attention to the applications on the platform, that is, SaaS based services, including apps. These applications can match the enterprise development process, including enterprise management, R & D, production, sales, service and other links, and then use the data model to analyze various business operation data, conduct self-learning and diagnosis, and further optimize each link

the time for China to launch industrial interconnection is very accurate, because Chinese enterprises have reached a crossroads of transformation and upgrading, and must have a grasp to help these enterprises carry out transformation and upgrading. The key is industrial interconnection. Zhangqiliang pointed out

enterprises are becoming pragmatic, which means that industrial Internet platform service providers should be oriented to meet the actual needs of users in terms of business models, platform related solutions, etc. Zhangqiliang introduced that the business model of Hanyun industrial Internet platform is divided into four categories, which is very clear

the first type is the direct purchase type. In order to increase the area of the oil suction port at the inlet of the oil suction pipe, customers purchase the connection layer, application and platform at one time according to their needs for privatization deployment. The second type is public deployment, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. They do not need to purchase platforms and applications, but pay by equipment every month in the form of leasing. The third type is the mixed mode, in which customers can purchase selectively and rent according to their needs. The fourth category is personalized and customized demand

in the process of cooperation, XCMG information first diagnosed the enterprise in the early stage, found the pain points of the enterprise, and then solved these pain points with the solutions and services of the existing industrial interconnection platform. From the beginning of diagnosis to the provision of solutions, to the later verification of online completion, to the follow-up evaluation, it provides services of the whole value chain throughout the whole life cycle

2019, Hanyun industrial Internet platform connects a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. It should be said that the business model of the platform has grasped the essence. The essence of this is to focus on the pain points of customers and the cost reduction, efficiency increase and quality improvement of customers. In fact, this is also the starting point of industrial interconnection. Zhangqiliang said

XCMG information Hanyun industrial interconnection platform began its independent research and development in 2015. At present, it has connected about 760000 sets of various equipment, managed assets of nearly 600billion yuan, connected about 20 countries along the the Belt and Road, and connected nearly 1000 enterprises. The platform has integrated the latest technologies. There are not only more than 1000 industrial mechanism models and more than a dozen core algorithms, but also some cloud configuration software, including visual tools, dockers, etc. At the edge layer, the platform has carried out a lot of independent research and development. Basically, more than 90% of the products can be connected quickly and at low cost

in the face of the integration of 5g and industrial interconnection, XCMG information started the research and development of 5g terminals, and launched the 5g terminal Hanyun box in August this year, which is used in some mining machinery and excavators. Compared with 4G, this 3 The installation head and stereotyped sleeve terminal support 8-channel camera, ultra long-distance video transmission, and the delay is reduced to about 1ms. It is expected that it will be applied in dangerous scenes such as nuclear radiation and landslides, and scenes unsuitable for manual field operation in the future

on the client side, enterprises often no longer do a single small project, but hope to solve all these package problems; On the platform side, it is impossible for any platform enterprise to complete the whole value chain. Therefore, ecology is very helpful to the progress of industrial interconnection, to promote the rapid growth of industrial interconnection platforms, and is also an indispensable driving force in the development of industrial interconnection

in September this year, the first China Industrial interconnection competition 2019 was officially launched. As a partner of the competition, zhangqiliang said that the competition has a blind spot in supplementing industrial apps and is very valuable for mining and promoting excellent industrial apps. Celanese engineering materials and their anti-counterfeiting technology need to replace cables in case of damage to help OEM and tier suppliers reduce potential risk values. At the same time, it is also a manifestation of improving the ecosystem of industrial interconnection platforms. XCMG information will open the Hanyun industrial Internet platform and open the data, application and edge layer to developers. These are very important wealth for developers and participants

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