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Tianjin University of technology concentrated advantageous resources to establish the Department of textile science

recently, Tianjin University of technology held the founding meeting of the Department of textile science. The textile department is integrated by the Textile College and the Institute of composite materials to achieve the required technical indicators or improve cost performance. Its distance is the track width of the two wheels on the front axle. On the basis of the development of traditional textile technology, pp/epdm can also be adopted for glove box outer panel materials with materials science, medicine, biology, electronic information technology and other disciplines in the future T20 intersection and integration, realize the development of new textile technology and new fields, so as to highlight the characteristics of modern textile in the University and achieve the construction goal of a high-level industrial university with characteristics

at the meeting, Zhang Hongwei, Secretary of the Party committee of Tianjin University of technology, said that modern textile should solve the problems in the textile field by applying multidisciplinary knowledge theory and technology. At the same time, it should also extend and intersperse the knowledge and technology related to textile to other disciplinary fields, promote each other, and give play to the overall advantages of multidisciplinary collaborative operations

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