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Tianjin University participated in the research and development of China's high-end medical equipment, and made new breakthroughs in independent innovation. Surgical robot "smart hand" for the treatment of stubborn diseases

Tianjin North news: it was learned at the recently held clinical trial launch meeting of domestic surgical robot that the domestic surgical robot "smart hand s" clinical multi research center jointly developed by Tianjin University, Central South University and Weigao group is about to officially enter the clinical trial stage, This marks a new breakthrough in the independent innovation of China's high-end medical equipment

it is understood that China's surgical robots mainly rely on imports, and the core technologies and products are mainly in the hands of a few developed HRC countries. To this end, the team of wangshuxin from Tianjin University began to carry out relevant research in 2000 and successfully developed China's first minimally invasive surgery robot - "smart hand". During the 12th Five Year Plan period, it will be very dangerous for the "smart hand" system to pass the review of the clinical ethics committee, and it will take the lead in carrying out the clinical research of domestic porous endoscopic surgery robot

on this basis, Professor Wang Shuxin's team and Professor Zhu Yanghong's team from the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University jointly developed a domestic "smart hand s" surgical robot system with independent intellectual property rights. The core goal of the project is to realize the industrialization of domestic surgical robots, and has obtained the first medical device registration license in China's surgical robot industry. This marks the transfer of China's independently developed surgical robots from clinical to market

compared with traditional endoscopic minimally invasive surgery, as long as customers come to Jinan to see the experimental robot, it breaks through the limit of human hands and makes the operation more precise and accurate. At the same time, the surgical robot is equipped with a "three-dimensional image display window" whose plastic indexes are elongation and reduction of area, which can enlarge the surgical field of vision several times. Through this small window, doctors can see three-dimensional high-definition images, and their vision is clearer

Professor Wang Shuxin told: "the surgical robot is not to replace the doctor, but to extend the doctor's surgical ability. For minimally invasive surgery such as abdominal surgery, the surgical robot can enter the patient's abdominal cavity and provide doctors with larger, more three-dimensional and more intuitive images."

compared with similar surgical robots in the current market, "smart hand" has obvious advantages in system volume/weight, image field angle, surgical posture adaptability, machine cost, surgical cost, etc., and has reached a higher technical level in operation mode, auxiliary surgery flexibility, workspace, operation force, positioning accuracy, etc. (Jinyun fuyongjun)

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