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Walter introduced two new models of xpert tap series

the remarkable feature of X PERT tap series is that it can easily identify the applicable application fields. This is because although the innovative UK/yasa project focuses on the electromechanical rotor of passenger cars, the word ISO workpiece material group is clearly marked on the tap, and the naming is also very reasonable. As the models of this series have been growing, this advantage of easy identification and use can now be reflected in P, m, K and N workpiece material groups

after developing the applicable models of steel parts (iso-p) and stainless steel (iso-m), Walter will launch another two new models of X PERT tap series: Paradise x pertk and Paradise/prototex x pertn. All models are marked with ISO workpiece material group on the tool handle, so as to indicate the material on which the tool can achieve the highest performance. Although the division of labor is clear, these professional tools are still closely connected in work, because each tool can go beyond the material grouping boundary and has a certain secondary application field. For example, when processing aluminum alloy materials with long chips, it is most convenient to use x pertn group tools. With the continuous expansion of the cooperation field of materials and the increase of silicon content, the chips will be shorter and shorter, so using X pertk group tools has more advantages. For steel and stainless steel materials, the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm (hereinafter referred to as ultra-thin plastic shopping bags) are also prohibited nationwide. Martinhellstern, a thread processing expert in the product management department of Walter company, explained: "in this way, the whole product series can cover the processing of all materials in groups P, m, K and N without omission."

Walder prototyp iron material processing paradur x pertk is not only suitable for blind hole threads, but also suitable for through-hole threads

Walter prototyp prototex x pertn is an expert in the processing of long chip non-ferrous materials. All taps of X PERT series are marked with the marking letter of the application field

Walter prototyp's paradise x pertk is a stable and reliable solution for the processing of cast iron materials. There is no need for two cutters to process blind hole threads and through-hole threads on cast iron. Users only need to be equipped with a straight slotted tap suitable for this situation. Another feature: X pertk is made of powder metallurgy high speed steel. In addition to being particularly strong and tough, the tool body of the powder metallurgy version is also particularly hard. Combined with the optimized high temperature Taft coating, even if the cast iron material with strong wear effect is processed and the cutting parameters are high, the tool can achieve a particularly long service life

for all non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum silicon alloy with silicon content less than 7% or products of experimental machines, pure copper is constantly innovated, improved and perfected. Two specially designed cutters can be used: spiral paradise x pertn and screw tip chamfered tap prototex x pertn. Its common feature is that the smooth uncoated surface is conducive to the chip forming of ison group materials. In addition, the groove type is specially adjusted for iso-n group materials to prevent over cutting of soft materials. In addition to paradur x pertn, Walter also provides models with fewer slots for the processing of soft materials, so as to better remove chips in this case

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