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Wang Donglei: opportunities and challenges of the globalization of Chinese lighting enterprises

Wang Donglei: opportunities and challenges of the globalization of Chinese lighting enterprises

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original title: Wang Donglei: opportunities and challenges of the globalization of Chinese lighting enterprises

for nearly a century, Philips, OSRAM and Ge, the three giants of international lighting, have monopolized the global traditional lighting market by virtue of the technology patents accumulated in the field of traditional lighting, Although Chinese enterprises have a strong cost advantage, they once lost their voice

in the LED era, traditional lighting technology patents have become waste paper. The technological counter attack and brand rise of Asian enterprises, especially Chinese lighting enterprises, have challenged the monopoly position of international giants

here, Philips Lighting has just completed its strategic exit; Over there, the downturn in the power business made Ge deeply mired in the Transformation Road, and it had to sell its ancestral lighting business; In March last year, OSRAM, a century old store, sold its light source business at a low price. In August this year, OSRAM once again announced that it wanted to sell its lighting business to promote strategic restructuring. The curtain call of world giants has brought drastic changes to the industry pattern

China is the largest producer of lighting industry in the world. Upstream, China's LED chip technology is catching up with and surpassing the world; In the middle reaches, both Mu Linsen can well protect the machine from other damaged behemoths in the process of experiments, and there are also rising stars like zhaochi. The huge packaging industry supports the development of the industry; Downstream, in the ancient town, the lighting capital of China, tens of thousands of lighting enterprises are brilliant, occupying 60% of the global market share

there are also leading enterprises integrating upstream and downstream industrial chains such as Rex group, which has reached the international first tier technical level in the field of flip chip and has a leading scale in the field of lighting applications. Decades of accumulation and survival of the fittest have provided China's lighting industry with a huge enterprise foundation and increasingly strong market competitiveness. Therefore, the globalization of Chinese lighting enterprises is unstoppable. However, when Chinese enterprises are making rapid progress, they must not underestimate the risks and challenges associated with globalization

overseas M & A is an opportunity, but it needs to be cautious. "Going to sea" enterprises should do a good job in "Self-protection"

in the view of Wang Donglei, chairman of Rex group, overseas M & A is an opportunity given to Chinese enterprises by the times, but we should also be careful. For an enterprise that is ready to quit, the surface data will be carefully dressed to get a good price. In retrospect, whether Siemens gave BenQ a 1 billion dowry or TPV acquired Philips TV business, it was difficult to escape the fate of losing money

Wang Donglei said that in recent years, Rex has also participated in many M & A negotiations, some of them for twoorthree years, and spent tens of millions of financial expenses, but finally decided to give up. Although the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, the real risk needs to be carefully considered. Behind the scenery, I'm afraid there are hidden traps

in recent years, Chinese led enterprises that can detect the wear resistance of metals, coatings, plate surfaces, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber and so on have sprung up, and are regarded as imaginary competitors by many international giants. In order to prevent Chinese enterprises from seizing global market share, European and American giants often hold high the "big stick" of patents and intellectual property rights to intimidate. In February, 2015, de haorunda (the sample is also inconvenient to be taken and placed) received a lawsuit launched in the United States by Lumileds, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philips at that time, accusing de haorunda and its executive vice president Chen Gangyi (previously worked for Lumileds) of embezzling trade secrets and requesting compensation. In the three-year litigation time, the other party has used various means, including ignoring common sense, insisting that a small USB can copy thousands of confidential documents of Lumileds, modifying their definition of trade secrets many times, and the important witness of dehuorunda was refused a visa to the United States by the U.S. Embassy and was unable to testify in court, but was distorted by Lumileds as not daring to testify in court, in an attempt to eventually make the enterprise suffer huge compensation

Wang Donglei believes that the overseas legal environment and malicious litigation are extremely terrible, and the road of globalization will never be smooth. Chinese enterprises should prepare surplus grain, make hard preparations, and have strong psychological quality. Of course, Chinese enterprises should not be afraid and have confidence in the face of malicious lawsuits and unfair judgments abroad. At present, de haorunda is actively taking various measures. On the one hand, it is filing a complaint and appeal in the United States, and at the same time, it is filing a counterclaim at home, arguing on grounds and never compromising

to explore overseas markets, we should pay attention to the reserve of international experience talents

due to China's huge domestic demand market, most Chinese enterprises are working hard and growing up in China, and overseas talent reserves and market experience are seriously lacking

on the contrary, in Taiwan and Japan, because the domestic demand market is very small, when enterprises develop to a certain stage, they need to explore overseas markets, so their overseas talents are very rich, and the management also generally have the operation experience of overseas markets

Dehao Runda group has been exporting since 1996. It is the first group of pioneers to venture into overseas markets, and its bread machines, ovens, coffee machines, etc. are all world leaders. In recent years, Rex group has also made great achievements in globalization, ranking among the top ten in the UK and one of the top ten high-speed growth lighting enterprises in the United States, with a profit of more than 100million yuan in the United States

as the helmsman of Rexroth lighting and dehuorunda, Wang Donglei said that despite this, enterprises still feel that the biggest development weakness of enterprises in the future is not technology, not design, not manufacturing capacity, but talent shortage. There is talent and everything. If the current industry promotes the development of resource-based industries towards intensive processing at the speed of globalization, it is obviously too late to rely on enterprises to cultivate talents, so enterprises should learn to use and control globalized talents

with the acceleration of globalization, Chinese enterprises should make steady progress

under the situation of continuous decline in China's economic growth, the temptation of overseas markets is growing. In the process of globalization, Chinese enterprises should not think of achieving success overnight, but should move forward steadily:

Wang Donglei believes that in the process of globalization, Chinese enterprises should move forward steadily. First of all, the monopoly of core technology and core competence is very important. In the field of LED, chip is the core technology; In the field of lighting, design is the core competence. Secondly, business ideas should be completely changed. In 2005, the incident of "burning Chinese shoes" in Spain and the story of Jews opening restaurants showed the market that Chinese enterprises are used to quickly encroaching on the market by means of "homogeneous competition and winning at low prices", and this idea is often destroying value rather than creating value for an industry. Integrating global high-quality resources and seeking a win-win path with all stakeholders is the correct development idea of globalization. At the same time, adhere to the quality strategy. In China, none of the imported products win by low price. The same is true of Chinese products overseas. If you want to occupy foreign markets, it is impossible to achieve success and respect by relying on price and cost. Since last year, the production standard of Rex products has been in line with that of Panasonic from Philips. Wang Donglei said that to go global, we must make the best products, the best design and the best service. In addition, China has a huge market with a population of 1.3 billion. Although the domestic economy is slowing down and the industry competition is fierce, lighting enterprises are engaged in the cause of brightness and produce rigid products, and the lighting industry is still the most promising industry

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