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Wang Gang: building energy conservation promotes the upgrading of the glass industry

at this year's two sessions, the mainstream topics revolve around haze and energy conservation and environmental protection. While the national economy maintains growth, how to maintain the balanced development of the ecological environment is also of public concern, and the industry affected by the real estate industry, one of the national pillar industries, is the top priority. As a representative of the National People's Congress for four consecutive terms, Wang Gang, chairman of Jinjing (the extrusion of the guide wheel breeds a large friction group) Co., Ltd., also brought his proposal on building materials energy conservation as usual. In his view, the development and upgrading of the glass industry will make a great contribution to the cause of energy conservation. In line with the continuous attention to building energy conservation, Sina Real estate made an exclusive interview with Wang Gang during the two sessions to explore the energy conservation of building materials

building energy conservation promotes passive housing to solve high energy consumption in buildings

many work reports and topics of general concern of the two sessions have always been haze and environmental protection, and Wang Gang, as a representative of the two sessions, is no exception. On the observation of a number of proposals at the two sessions, Wang Gang said: in this two sessions, I observed that the public is still concerned about environmental problems, haze is the most concerned problem of the people, and everyone has been calling for this problem. However, we need to see the essence of the problem and the source of haze

in the premier's work report, the budget for energy conservation and emission reduction has been increased by 40% and the amount of more than 40 billion yuan. However, these governments pay more attention to public transport and other directions, but solving the consumption of building energy is the top priority

Wang Gang said: according to statistics, China's building energy consumption has reached 30% of the total social energy consumption, which is about 10% more than 20% of the transportation consumption. With China's urbanization construction, we will also see the rapid growth of building area. If buildings do not achieve energy efficiency results, then energy consumption will become the most worrying situation. It can be said that building energy conservation is the national plan

building energy consumption is so large, how to solve it

in Wang Gang's view, the implementation of efficient and energy-saving passive houses is one of the preferred solutions to solve the problem of building energy consumption. Wang Gang said that passive houses will fundamentally solve the problem of building energy consumption. Through the actual measurement of the implementation of passive houses, we get that the temperature of passive houses can be maintained during the period, which is very suitable for people's life, while the carbon emission of passive houses can be reduced to less than 1000ppm. In addition, Humidity can be controlled at% of the value suitable for people's life. Windows and doors also provide a reference for the future direction of automobile development, and energy saving can achieve 70% effect

energy saving and upgrading in the glass industry, fire prevention and heat insulation are indispensable

"The root cause of haze pollution in China is the excessive use of fossil energy in the process of energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition to using clean alternative energy, it is more important to effectively use these energy sources and reduce energy consumption through technological upgrading. From the perspective of the national pillar industry building materials industry, I believe that only by vigorously developing energy-saving buildings and energy-saving building materials can we control air pollution from the source Reduce energy consumption and achieve major breakthroughs in energy conservation and environmental protection. " Wang Gang said so

in the building, exposed to the natural environment of the building exterior wall, the utilization rate of glass, the use of anchorage fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment are very high, so in the glass industry, how to promote the rapid development of energy conservation and emission reduction? Wang Gang said that when talking about this problem, here I share with you a building energy efficiency equation: "30% × 50% × 70%=10.5%”。 The interpretation of this equation means that 30% of the energy consumption of the whole society is consumed by buildings; 50% of building energy consumption is lost through doors and windows; Using low radiation coated energy-saving glass and matching window frames can save 70% of the energy required for building heating and cooling; If the existing buildings in China use low radiation coated glass and matching window frames, the energy consumption of the whole society can be reduced by 10.5%

according to the above data, we can clearly see that the use of energy-saving glass and doors and windows in buildings is a necessary element of building energy conservation

from the perspective of industry, the glass industry must take the road of energy conservation and environmental protection from the perspective of policy. Wang Gang also cited this as an example. In Germany more than 20 years ago, low radiation coated energy-saving glass began to be used. In about a decade, the application rate of this kind of glass reached 40%. After the introduction of mandatory regulations, it increased to 80% in three years, and now it has reached 100%. The average level of other European countries is 90%, 91% in the United States, but less than 10% in China, which is far lower than that in western developed countries. Therefore, in China, the market prospect of energy-saving glass is very broad. With the vigorous promotion of energy-saving buildings in the future, it is the only way for the glass industry to turn to energy-saving glass industry. Of course, it is also the only way out

in addition, in terms of building safety, the role of glass can not be underestimated. Nowadays, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and in case of fire, there will be endless trouble. In terms of fire-proof glass, the industry is also developing actively. Wang Gang introduced that Jinjing has made a great breakthrough in fire-proof glass. Through the innovation of product technology, Jinjing glass has added the largest single production line of fire-proof glass in China, The Ministry of public security of our country attaches great importance to the fire protection system, the technical standards related to fire protection, the design of the framework, the promotion of products, and how to use it compulsorily. Jinjing glass is making some exploration

according to the global EPS output of 6million tons every year, the standard of fire-proof glass will be implemented on May 1 this year. Wang Gang said that as far as fire-proof glass itself is concerned, products in the market today generally have the characteristics of fire prevention and non heat insulation, while such products of Jinjing glass can achieve the effect of fire prevention and heat insulation. However, considering the domestic market environment, the price of this product is high, but in terms of the international market environment, Jinjing's product is half of its similar products, which can be said to be a product with high cost performance

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