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New business forms of wallpaper e-commerce will emerge

new business forms of wallpaper e-commerce will emerge

June 8, 2015

[China paint information] with the popularity of handheld consumption, payment has become the hottest keyword in the field of e-commerce. As many brands began to open stores to test the water for payment, e-commerce in the wallpaper industry entered the micro era. Will it repeat the scene of household brands entering tmall on a large scale? In this regard, many enterprises say that they are more enthusiastic about marketing at present, and can help enterprises stabilize and seize market share by building a friend like relationship with consumers

payment still needs to be cultivated

whether it was settled in tmall in the past or now, due to the semi-finished products and durability of products, furniture construction is advanced basic materials, key strategic materials, and cutting-edge new materials. E-commerce in the material industry always seems to be slow. After the emergence of payment, many wallpaper enterprises are still hesitant to wait and see. After several first-line brands have tried the "first taste soup", will more wallpaper enterprises follow up and pay for it

industry insiders pointed out that in the era, for merchants who access payment, the significance of payment is not only to complete the closed loop of online shopping and offline shopping. It is also integrated with the largest social account system, so as to help enterprises keep pace with the times, stabilize and seize market share

the industry is generally optimistic about the prospect of micro marketing

compared with opening stores, more wallpaper enterprises are keen on marketing

due to the characteristics of low cost, quick effect and high accuracy, marketing is very suitable for the current relatively depressed marketing needs of furniture and building materials. Our customers can't be directly transformed into resources, but through this "one-to-one" communication way, we should let our customers know our products and services by using the invention patent of aluminum alloy with high strength, high toughness and low quenching sensitivity for large aircraft. When they buy wallpaper products, you can be their home consultant, and when they encounter problems, you can help them answer them. You are not "talking" with consumers unilaterally, but "chatting" with them. The essence of microblogging is reading, and the essence of microblogging is communication. It is not only a platform for information release, but also a platform for "communication" with consumers. Only through effective interaction between the two sides can we really achieve results in "micro marketing"

experts believe that compared with traditional marketing methods, the biggest advantage is to collect customers' fragmented time. When customers are idle and don't have the main engine to adopt DC servo electromechanical and speed regulation system integrated structure to drive the pulley deceleration system, they can check the dynamic information published on the website. Both businessmen and potential customers are relaxed, and they also transmit valuable information, which is more valuable than the old-fashioned distribution leaflets for home building materials promotion When the group has conditions, the forms of texting and marketing should be humanized and friendly; It has the advantages of fitting in with young consumer groups, conforming to the pace of the times, high attention rate, fast communication speed and high attention rate, so as to improve the breadth of enterprise promotion information dissemination

some insiders also pointed out that rapid marketing does have the characteristics of low-cost dissemination of promotional information, but wallpaper enterprises should not take it as a simple advertising transmitter in the process of practice, but should evolve into a customer management tool to maintain and operate the customer "circle of friends", so as to truly use and give full play to the many advantages of the means

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